OOTD: New Super Hot Tropic Inspired Bikini from PrimaDonna Swim

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Looking for a perfectly fitting swimsuit or bikini? It’s sometimes hard to find swimwear that’s stylish, looks good and is comfortable. You might also want it to support your body especially if you are doing sports like swimming and snorkeling with it.


I almost never use anything but sports bras and it has been a pain for me to find fitting bikini or swimsuit. With cup size 70F (or 32F in UK sizes) you cannot shop anything from regular stores because a) those don’t fit at all or b) they’re missing the support.


Anyhow, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally found a wonderful bikini that’s actually fits and looks good. It’s also a bit thicker fabric than cheaper ones so I assume it might last longer in use.






OOTD: New Super Hot Tropic Inspired Bikini from PrimaDonna Swim


Swimsuit: PrimaDonna Swim, model: Biloba

Watch: Apple Watch






The bikini I bought is from a brand called PrimaDonna. They have a big selection of swimwear in all different colors and prints from lace and uni color to tropic and Bollywood inspired pieces. They also sell lingerie.


I wanted something that would be Ibiza / Bali style because of my travels of this year so I chose a turquoise bikini with some white and tropical print. I think these colors look very nice with my tanned skin.


This bikini was around 140€ ($150) so it was a lot more expensive than the ones I’ve had before. I really wish this will last many travels around the world!




In the pictures shown I’m wearing my swimsuit and my Apple Watch. During our first night in Ibiza it was a bit chilly outdoors so we took some photos at the hotel spa area.


Fortunately, it got warmer next day and I had a change to try this bikini in the sea as well. Both my watch and bikini (and I!) survived the cold salty water.



The swimsuit is bought from a store called Funky Lady, located in Espoo, Finland. They operate only in Finland. However, you can find stores selling these internationally via their site here: Bikini top & Bikini bottom.


Photos are shot in Hotel THB Los Molinos and on a catamaran in Ibiza, Spain during early March 2018.




Is it easy for you to find swimwear? What brands do you prefer? Why?

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