OOTD: Smart Casual for a Nice Dinner

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Looking for a nice smart casual look for a dinner? This look is made with valuably priced pieces styled with some jewelry. I think everyone should have some luxurious jewels or accessories, like bags, shoes and scarves that you can easily add to your looks to make them look more luxurious.





The shirt of this look is one of my favorites. It’s very comfortable, classy and easy to combine with other clothes. I think everyone should have some beautiful and classy black and white pieces to use with different outfits. Here you can find another look I’ve done with the same shirt: Black & White Dinner Outfit.





I think that the other pieces of this look are also very classy and easy to pair with other pieces. I’ve probably done quite well with creating my closet. I would like to find even more classy easy-to-pair pieces.


If you’re planning to recreate your closet check out my tips for decluttering and recreating your wardrobe in my previous post!





OOTD: Smart Casual for a Nice Dinner


Shirt: New York & Co

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Vagabond

Watch: Apple Watch

Ring: My engagement ring

Necklace: White gold + diamond necklace from Kultajousi





I wore this look for a nice dinner in a Finnish classic restaurant called Savoy. They have smart casual dress code. I would have liked photos taken either outdoors but when we were there at night time it was very dark out which made photography there impossible. Additionally, the restaurant doesn’t allow phones and we didn’t have camera with us so here are some not-so-fancy photos taken in our corridor.





What kind of smart casual looks you like? Do you prefer going with classy pieces or would you have added some color or fashionable pieces to this look?


  1. Lovely outfit! I honestly hate dressing up. I joke that my style is more “teen boy”, like that scene on Clueless where she’s describing the high school boys she thinks are gross ha ha! But when I do have to dress up, I usually go with a loose top and tight black dress pants. Keep it simple!


    1. Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple. Also, this kind of look doesn’t only look good it’s also super comfy. So, I can totally understand why you prefer something similar to this!


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