How is Ibiza like during the Wintertime? Our Experience

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We visited Ibiza during early March which is part of the wintertime in Ibiza. Winter is the low season there. The peak season in Ibiza is from May to September. During that it’s known to be a crazy party location. But how about during the winter?


When we arrived the reception staff was warning us that it won’t be very warm at this time of the year. Also, quite soon we figured that most places on our street were closed (though google was saying the opposite).



How is Ibiza like during the Wintertime?







Weather might be anything from 5 to 25°C (40 to 75°F) during the wintertime in Ibiza. We had quite good luck since it was 10-20°C (50-70°F) all the time during our visit. It was quite chilly if there was windy or cloudy. So, you don’t want to go beaching or sailing during the coldest days.


However, when the sun was up and temperature hit 20C (70°F) it was great to spend some time by the pool. Another cool thing is that you can have all the best beaches for yourself because there isn’t many tourists during in the winter season.


So, if you go during the winter take some warm clothes and some summer clothes. Be prepared to do also other things than only enjoying the sun.







Focus on relaxing rather than partying during the wintertime, okay?


If you are planning a trip to Ibiza just to explore the club scene and parties, go during the peak season. All the best artists and DJs are there then. Also, you probably don’t want to be the only person in the club, right?


If you go during the summertime San Antonio, the city at the Western Ibiza is the place to go. All the parties and party hotels are there. If you want to relax with your partner go to the Eastside of the Island which is known as very nice and calm area for relaxing. Anyhow, the best parties take place during summer and the wintertime in Ibiza is for relaxing.







Ibiza is a relatively small island with only around 130k inhabitants. So there isn’t huge malls or outlet villages. For shopping I’d rather go to some bigger city in Europe.


During the wintertime in Ibiza most stores and restaurants are closed. We had quite hard time finding any food at the first day because most grocery stores were closed and when looking for the restaurant our third choice was the first one that was open.


What I learned? Ask for the locals like your hotel reception which stores and restaurants are open nearby, they probably know better than google! This is true especially during the winter time.



Hiking & Exploring




Did you know there is a lot more that Ibiza can offer? There are very beautiful places like D’Alt Vila, the upper town where you have gorgeous views. Also, there are some gorgeous nature with hiking routes available.


We only had three days in Ibiza so we were exploring only a small part of the island but it was enough to convince us of it’s beauty. So if you like hiking and don’t mind sometimes cool weather pack your hiking shoes and grab flights to Ibiza!



Enjoying the Sea




Also, sailing and everything boat related are a big thing in Ibiza. If you love boat trips irrespective of the weather you can enjoy traveling Ibiza all year round. We tried exploring Ibiza from the sea and it was amazing, find out more about our sailing experience from this post.


During the summer you can also stop for some snorkeling from or diving. We tried on March and proved it possible to do during winter but that water was super cold! If you have a wet suit cool, but without one you don’t want to stay in the water for too long during the wintertime in Ibiza.




Have you ever been to Ibiza? Would you like to go? If yes, would you go during summer or winter time?


    1. Thanks Whitney! 🙂 This was a super relaxing trip for sure. I wish you have change to travel and relax too soon!


    1. I hadn’t thought about it either but since we get super cheap flight from Geneva to Ibiza we decided to give it a change. And it was totally worth it. Good time & place for relaxing!


  1. Ibiza sounds lovely, despite the fact that restaurants & stores were closed at the time you were there. Would love to go, during the summer. Not for parties though, for that calm area haha!


    1. I agree that going to the calmer part during the summertime would be optimal! Since we have summer fully booked already this was a good second option. I heard that the party part of island is very wild and crazy for summer. I guess it would be too much for me haha (I guess I’m getting old!).


    1. It varies during off season. However, there is usually quite warm and fortunately we had some sun too! 🙂


  2. Weather is perfect even in winter in places like Ibiza! Wish i could make a trip over there any time soon! Wonderful post and photos Nora!


    1. I’m happy you enjoyed the post, Helene! Southern Europe sure is a good holiday location around the year. 🙂


  3. I love visiting vacation spots in low season! It’s always so peaceful and relaxing. I live in Miami so it’s easy to get to popular destinations all year round and it’s cheaper to go when the tourists aren’t there. You can get so many good deals without all the annoying crowds!


    1. That’s true! Saving money and being able relax is a nice combo for sure. We visited Miami couple years ago during October – it was still nice and warm but not too touristy. 🙂


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