Where Do I See Myself in 10 Years?

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This blog is built around the idea of sharing the dreams and achievements and by doing that inspiring you guys to reach towards your dreams and achieve them. Today, I share my dreams / plans where I see myself in ten years, 2028.


Like the most of you probably know already at the moment I’m studying medicine and economics in Finland. I’m also working here in an international company and obviously also blogging, photographing, etc. I have also lived in Ohio and Wisconsin in the past.




In around 3 years I should graduate from med school – I’ll be a medical doctor with a degree that’s valid around Europe. After my graduation I want work 6-18 months in Europe to save money and then take a year off to explore all the continents and enjoy, and also write my bachelors thesis for my BBA.


After having both MD and BBA I hope I either do not move back to Europe at all or just stay for 1-2 years and then move along. Below you can read more about what happens after that!




Where I See Myself in 10 Years?







I love the way we live at the moment – I mean, I don’t enjoy the cold weather of Finland but I love our cozy apartment with a big balcony filled with sunlight. I am not really an outdoor person who would do things like gardening or painting house so cities and apartments are really my things.


In my life there is only one country where I’ve fully felt happy, accepted, empowered – I was my best version of myself there. Sorry, mom, this isn’t my home country Finland. Instead, this country is where I used to live, the United States of America. I miss all the inspiring people, positive mindset and drive.


I really wish I can call the USA my home again within next ten years. A bit trickier question is where exactly I’ll live there. So far, my absolute favorite place to live in is NYC – I’d love to move either to Manhattan or Dumbo. However, I’ve never been to West Coast so I cannot rank it out yet. Chicago is also a wonderful city but NYC remains number one to me.




Conclusion: in 10 years I’ll be living in a gorgeous 750 square feet (85m2) apartment with own balcony above the roofs of NYC.







To get to the US as soon as possible after graduation I probably have to accept the fact I’m not in medical profession in the US even though I’ll be a medical doctor from Finland when I move. The degree isn’t automatically valid in the US and the validation process will take many exams, a lot of money and some years.


So, I think that I’ll be working with my other passions – marketing, leadership, social media and photography. I think the most realistic call for me would be to keep working for my employer I have at the moment and getting an internal transfer to the US. In addition to my job, I could probably keep working with my own business or as a freelancer around photos, writing, etc.




It would be a dream come true to be able to live as a content creator / freelance photographer but that ain’t easy – especially what comes to getting visas. Thus, I think I will use my employment as a stepping stone to American markets where I can start exploring other possibilities inside and outside the company.


One option would be working to Finnish employer in the area of medicine from the US, like taking patients via Skype or so that’s getting popular in here. However, this could make my taxes to go to Finland even after moving permanently. Thus, this isn’t my number one choice.


Conclusion: in 10 years I’ll be working for the same employer after getting transferred to the US. I’ll simultaneously work with other social media and photography related projects.







Well, I’m getting married this year so I wish and assume that my fiancée will be there with me. And actually, when I visited his apartment for the first time there was a picture of Manhattan silhouette on the living room wall. That’s when I knew that this could work. One day that picture will be the view from our living room for real.


I assume that at that point our family will include our poodle Ben and another dog which will be called Jerry. We haven’t yet decided what kind of dog Jerry will be. On the other hand, we love our poodle and it’s really fun and playful dog, however, it’s fur is a lot of work and we would prefer something bit easier like American hairless terrier or Rottweiler. Terrier or Rottweiler would be better on guarding our apartment but on the other hand, those would not be as good play buddies for Ben.




What comes to kids, neither of us is really a stay-home-with-kids kind of person. I would probably be driven crazy within couple months haha. We’re really ambitious and for me, one of my most important value is having freedom and adventures in life. I mean, if we’ll earn over 300k per year so that we can afford a couple of nannies and a cleaning lady it is not impossible though but probably we’ll remain happy with Ben&Jerry and us.


Conclusion: in 10 years my family will be my fiancée and two dogs called Ben&Jerry.







I love improving myself and I cannot wait how much I can do in ten years. I wish that I’ll be healthy and happy. I would love to also be in a good shape – shopping my food from Whole Foods and doing dancing and gym as my hobbies.


I’d also love to be more artist – have days to go explore and take photos. I’d also love to become good in singing and painting. Additionally, I’m planning to go to an accent removing course for non-natives when we move. I would love to sound fully American. I’m doing okay already but some words still tell others that I’m not from there.




I also wish that I have found friends and favorite places in NYC. In general, I hope that I have a lot of inspiring and good things and people surrounding me. I also wish that I won’t be too busy with work. I want that career but since working on my limits last couple years I wish that the life would be slightly easier in future.


Moreover, I wish I could travel and explore. It would be great to see all the states of America before I’m 40. I’d also love to explore Canada and South America while living there. I haven’t yet visited either.


Conclusion: in 10 years I’ll be healthy, happy and fit New Yorker with a lot of friends and some spare time to explore and improve myself and the world.




Photos of the post are stock photos from Pixabay


Where you see yourself in 10 years? What actions you’re taking in future to get there?


    1. I’m happy to hear that! If you post it in your blog, let me know. I’d love to read where your heading, Kanishka! 😄


      1. Haha, nice typo! And thank you for the nice comment, Phaytea. I cannot wait reading your version! 🙂


  1. I love that you are thinking so far into the future! The first step towards achieving your dreams is to figure out what they are in the first place. You’ve inspired me to set some 10 year goals. 🙂


    1. I couldn’t agree more, Beth! First you need to set the goals, then do plan how to achieve them and then enjoy the journey. I’d love to read your goals if you’re blogging them! 😄


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