OOTD: Winter Casual Look

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Looking for casual looks for the winter time? This one is perfect for not too cold but still cool winter days. With this look you can go out for a walk, shopping or even run to catch a bus.


I’ve combined sporty shoes to this look because that make walking and running possible. Anyhow, I wanted to keep to look casual, trendy and fresh.


We were having a nice walk out with our poodle on that sunny winter day when I wore this look. The look worked well and we had a lot of fun. Our puppy used to be scared of snow but nowadays it’s more than happy to go out even though it’s snowy. 🙂


WinterOOTD10.2.18c2 kopio

WinterOOTD10.2.18h2 kopio

WinterOOTD10.2.18a2 kopio



OOTD: Winter Casual Look


Shirt: Zalando Essentials

Vest: Li-Ning

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Puma

Scarf: Pieces

Watch: Apple Watch

Ring: My engagement ring

Dog: the poodle puppy Ben


WinterOOTD10.2.18j2 kopio

WinterOOTD10.2.18b2 kopio

WinterOOTD10.2.18h2 kopio


If you want some additional motivation to wintertime looks, check out my previous looks:




WinterOOTD10.2.18f2 kopio

WinterOOTD10.2.18d2 kopio


Btw It’s funny how my outfit posts are like 90% centered on summer, spring and fall looks. It’s just so cold, dark and not-always-so-beautiful here in Finland during winter that it kind of takes the motivation down. Also, the fact I’m having usually the busiest time of the year from September to January makes it sometimes hard to do these ootd posts during winter.


How do/would you fix this issue? Have you found some good indoor photography spots? Where? I would love to share more looks for the winter season as well but freezing my fiancée with an hour photography session is not nice too often and the lighting is giving us hard time most days during the winter.


WinterOOTD10.2.18g2 kopio


Is there winter in where you live? What kind of looks do you wear for wintertime?


  1. Sporty casual and casual chic! Great combo and outfit Nora! Thanks God, this winter was good with us, no snow at all in my town! I love this cute puppy! 🙂


    1. I wish we’d have that kind of winter in Finland too! 🙂 In Finland there is usually 2-4 months snow and some really cold weeks.


  2. Yikes I would be frozen in your outfit haha! I need sleeves 😂 I go from October to April in my huge & warm winter coat, absolutely loving it.


    1. Hahah, if it’s sunny and near zero this looks is just fine for me. When the really cold times come a big warm jacket is sure a must! 🙂


    1. Yeah, I know! I don’t like shooting outfits when it’s super cold out there. Now it’s finally starting to be more okay in Finland haha. Btw there is a lot of outfits from Ibiza coming soon. 😄


    1. Thank you, Thuli! The snow sure is beautiful though it can be quite cold and wet in here during the winter. I’m happy you like the look! 😄


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