The Best Pancakes I’ve Ever Eaten – Mook Pancakes, Amsterdam, Holland

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Do you love pancakes? Go explore European pancake capital, Amsterdam, to enjoy those! In Amsterdam there are plenty of breakfast restaurants serving pancakes. One you should definitely go trying is Mook pancakes!


When we visited there last summer we chose trying one of them because of excellent reviews. And we were planning to try a second place the next morning but Mook offered us so excellent service, unique atmosphere and great pancakes that we just went there the second morning as well.




Mook serves healthy and delicious pancakes and fresh juices and other super good breakfast items. In their pancakes they use 100% whole wheat flour and all the fruits and berries are fresh and full of nutrients.



The Best Pancakes I’ve Ever Eaten – Mook Pancakes, Amsterdam, Holland






During our two visits in Mook we tried:



1. The Blue Magic Deluxe Pancakes




Super delicious and sweet dish filled with fresh blueberries, some coconut and maple syrup. We found this one super delicious and both of us ate these on the second morning. If you love sweet things and berries this is definitely your to go dish! This dish is quite huge so make sure you’re hungry when you go to this one. 🙂



2. The G.O.O.D. Morning




Healthy not so sweet dish. This one includes pancakes, greek yogurt, granola, cinnamon, strawberries and honey. If you prefer pancakes not too sweet this dish is good for you. You can also get similar dish called The G.O.O.D. Morning Deluxe with some black berries added.



3. Watermelon juice




I think I tried all the most exotic sounding items from their dish haha. This one was a fresh juice made with watermelons. Tastes like watermelon, very healthy, juicy and slightly sweet. This wasn’t my favorite but that’s probably because this wasn’t the best pair for sweet pancakes I had. If you like melons in general, you should give this one a try.



4. Fresh Mint tea




This one was super interesting experience! The tea was very fresh and hippie looking and I was really curious to try it. The taste was very fresh and rich mint flavor. I’m not the biggest fan of mint but I found this one really tasty and would definitely be up to another cup.



5. Latte


My fiancée had this one. Good, quite sweet latte in he’s opinion. He’s usually drinking black coffee so I wouldn’t count too much to his review of that latte haha.



I fell in love with pancakes and omelettes for the breakfast while living in the US. I love American pancakes and pancake restaurants but I kind of enjoyed the fact that Mook offered the same delicious experience with more nutrients. If you enjoy pancakes and fresh flavors, check this place out if you ever visit Amsterdam. 🙂


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Where have you eaten the best pancakes of your life?


  1. I’m in love with pancakes girl and I was craving them all morning but opted for something healthier instead… But it’s a sign. You’ve inspired me to make some for lunch 😛 My favorite (not pancakes but hot cakes you could say) are Belgian waffles from Belgium. Hands down!

  2. Damn those pancakes look delicious! You made me crave some, even though I don’t usually like pancakes at all haha. Whoopsies.

  3. Yum! Thanks for recommendation, we will definitely check this place out next time we are in Amsterdam. I think I must have had the best 🥞 in New York in some breakfast diner – I’ve also made really good ones with lemon and ricotta at home. xx

    1. Oh yum, lemon and ricotta pancakes sounds exotic and delicious! I’ve also had some good ones including strawberries and cream in Wisconsin but these were even more fresh and delicious. 🙂

  4. These look amazing! I’ve always loved pancakes so I think I should plan a trip to Amsterdam. Honestly, the best pancakes I’ve ever had have been made by my mom! She used to make us pancakes on summer vacation with fresh blueberries. Yum!

    1. Oh yum! Blueberries are delicious so you cannot go wrong with those really. This place offers pancakes with fresh blueberries too, I’m sure you’d like them as well. 😋😊

  5. I wish we had this place here! I was craving pancakes the other night and made 100% whole wheat ones, but I can tell you they didn’t look anything as good as this! Yum!

    1. I have done some healthier ones myself too – they have always ended up good but not this good. And the plating of these with all the berries and everything is just mouthwatering. 😋

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