OOTD: Luxurious Winter Look

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Looking for some inspiration for beautiful winter looks? Today I’ll share one very classy and luxurious look I sometimes wear.


This looks includes super warm winter coat that I bought from New York City couple year ago. This coat is a gorgeous and super warm white coat from Bebe. What I love about this one is the stitchings of its sleeves. Nice and beautiful detail!





This jacket also used to have a hood but I took it off because the faux fur of it started to look not-so-good after I flew overseas. Something happened to it on the plane.


I combined the jacket with my lovely light beige turtleneck I found from Zara last spring. To add some more white and beige to my look I added my Calvin Klein bag. This poor bag is not doing too well anymore but I’m sad that they don’t sell this kind of CK bags here in Finland. I hope I can go shopping to American outlets soon again.





Because I didn’t want to wear all white so I added navy blue pants from Zara and black shoes from Vagabond, I think white boots could have been cool too. Also, I was wearing my gold Apple Watch which I paired with Black Classic Buckle to make it match my leather shoes.


Accessories: I was wearing classy Burberry scarf and my beautiful engagement ring. Additionally, our miniature poodle matched nicely to my look so I took it with to the photos (though it wasn’t looking its best after running around before the photoshoot haha). I think a pair of black leather clothes could have been a nice (warming) addition to this look.






OOTD: Luxurious Winter Look


Jacket: Bebe

Turtleneck: Zara

Pants: Zara

Bag: Calvin Klein

Watch: Apple Watch

Shoes: Vagabond

Scarf: Burberry

Ring: My engagement ring

Dog: Our white miniature poodle, Ben


Scene: Haukilahden Ranta, Espoo, Finland





What do you think about this look? What do you like to wear during the wintertime?


    1. I know! I found this one from NYC and since this has been my favorite winter jacket. White jackets are a risky choice but simultaneously beautiful.


  1. Ah Ben is absolutely adorable & you look gorgeous too! 🙂 how do you stay warm in that jacket haha, I’ve got this huge (it’s from my shoulders to my knees) winter jacket (was freaking expensive as well) and I’m still cold when I set my foot outside (might be in me I guess, I take wool socks to Spain in the middle of the summer…) 😀


    1. Haha. Well, to be honest the worst thing I know is being too hot and sweaty so I always try to wear rather a bit less than too much clothes. That jacket is really warm and usually more than enough since in the capital area with a car I’m not actually outdoors that much. But until like -10 to -15C it’s enough for being our an hour or so. 😄 I’ve always wondered how people are not feeling like in sauna with those Canada Gooses and other super huge and warm jackets lol!


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