5 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the day to be spent with your loved ones – your spouse or your best friend(s). In this post there are tips on things you can do on Valentine’s irrespective of with whom you’re spending it with. All these activities can be done with friends or spouse.




1. Have a Movie Night


With friends: Have a movie marathon with your favorite movies or find a new favorite. Cook something healthy and delicious to snack while chatting and watching the movie – or just bake something special and delicious to share, like the New York Cheesecake shown above.


With the one: Light some candles and watch a romantic classic with a glass of good wine. Or find something new from local theater and combine a movie and lovely romantic dinner after it.





2. Take Some Spa Treatments


With friends: would you like a girls night with some manicures? Or gather up the friends and do some facial masks, scrubs, etc. Just become more beautiful and have some good time with those besties. While getting beautiful from the outside, enjoy some home made smoothies or smoothie bowls to become beautiful from the inside as well. 🙂


With the one: Go get some hot stone massages together. Or go to enjoy a bath and spa place together. After that you can carry on the night in your favorite restaurant or wine bar.




Above: Restaurant Passio, read my review in this post


3. Enjoy a Fancy Dinner


With friends: Go have a bit better dinner in a restaurant together. Or if you like cooking do a fancy three course dinner together and enjoy the time with your friends.


With the one: Find out some fancy and romantic restaurant and choose one of those for this special day. Some restaurants are also having special Valentines menus, probably you’ll try one of those with your loved one? When booking the restaurant remember to wish for the best table – with lovely views or in a bit more silent corner maybe?





4. Try a New Sport / Hobby Together


With friends: Have you always wanted to try ballet or painting? Valentine’s Day is a good reason to try something fun and new together!


With the one: Have something you can do as a couple. Take a salsa class, or if you’re not too competitive go golfing or playing badminton. This is the sporty couple’s favorite. After the workout you can probably have something healthy and delicious together. … And if you’re not into anything new and fancy, just take a nice romantic walk outdoors together and enjoy the fresh air (and some warm blankets and snuggles after that).





5. Have a Mini Holiday


With friends: Can you take a day or two of around the Valentine’s day? Have a mini holiday and have some fun with friends! This can anything you enjoy – Ibiza or Miami for party gang or Switzerland or Southern Japan for spa lovers, or anything you like and is located quite near to your location.


With the one: If you can take couple days of together go explore something romantic like Paris or Venice! Or is there something else quite near that you’ve wanted to explore for a while already? Now it’s good time to book a mini holiday around Valentines!






Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


What are your plans this year? With whom you’ll be spending the Valentine’s?



  1. I love the idea of a spa day! I just wish we had a bathtub, I think that would elevate it to the next level! Great post, some really cool ideas in here! I’d have to try the mini holiday for our anniversary next month.


    1. Anniversary mini holidays are great too! I hope you find some romantic destination and have some wonderful time. 🙂 Before that, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Corinne!


  2. I love these ideas!!! I did something like this a while back and I made a really nice meal, had a portable message therapist come to my home, did a nails and facial station with movies and snacks…. Its still being talked about!!! These are GREAT ideas!!!


    1. Oh wow! That sounds like a perfect afternoon full of pampering, would for sure work for Valentine’s Day as well! I’m happy you also enjoyed the post. ☺️


  3. I would love to do all of these! Now, I only have to find a boyfriend. Until then, I ll have a Valentine’s day with my girlfriends, movie night and maybe some drinks. Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the day your fiance!


    1. Your plan sounds good for this year and sure you’ll find the right one for you sooner or later. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a lot of fun with your friends!


    1. Well, if he’s away a lot being home with you sure feels luxury for him. I recognize that feeling because I was super busy with everything during fall and I really just wanted to stay home whenever having some time off. Maybe some other time this year you guys can have that wonderful mini holiday together. 🙂


  4. Would love to go for a little weekend getaway somewhere! We actually had one planned but I’ve got no clue what happened.
    I’m having a tattoo on Valentine’s day, that’s all I have planned haha 😀


    1. Hahaha. Well, you’ll at least remember this Valentine’s Day forever 😃 I hope you have a good one, and probably you guys can have that getaway too sometime soon!


  5. Yup these are cool things to do on Valentine’s day. Anyone can enjoy the day by doing something special with or without someone.


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