Wedding Planning Update: 5 Months to the Wedding

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As the most you might know, we’re getting married next summer (summer 2018). At the moment there are about 5 months to the day. Earlier I wrote a to do list of things to do before the wedding, you can find it here.



Wedding Planning Update: 5 Months to the Wedding


So What’s Already Done



Above: I’ve been exercising quite much lately. I’m happy to be in a better shape than I was couple years ago 🙂


  • We have booked the reception, we’ll get all foods, drinks, decoration and some other things from here
  • We have booked the church
  • I have chosen bridesmaid and found dress for her
  • He has chosen bestmen
  • We have booked honeymoon flights and done some planning, read more about our honeymoon plans + learn how to book flights for a multi-destination trip!
  • We have booked hotels for the first week of our honeymoon
  • I think I have lost enough weight – I started this project January 2015 and from there I’m over 30 pounds (over 15kg) down from there, I just have to keep it where I am now
  • Booked the photographer for the day and for pre-wedding shots.
  • We’ve been looking for the ring, however, we’re thinking that probably we’ll just go with our engagement rings
  • Hairdressers and makeup artist booked for me and the bridesmaid
  • I found and ordered the dress – it should arrive a month before wedding
  • We have started asking people if they’re available that day (unofficial save the dates)



Above: I’ve got a whole of travel inspo from Architecture & Desing Facebook page. In this screenshot is Marina Bay Sands Singapore – we’ll be staying one night at this hotel and I cannot wait to explore this infinity pool!





Above: Looking for some more travel inspo and ideas in Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki January 2018



To Do for the Next Couple Months



Above: Another hotel found from Architecture & Desing FB page. We haven’t yet booked this one but this Ayana Resort & Spa Bali seems to be a good option. Looks very Instagrammable and unique!


  • Book the rest of the hotels for the honeymoon
  • Do some general planning about the wedding and the honeymoon
  • Start working on playlists and music
  • Find a DJ
  • Order and send the invitations (yep, this one is still not done oops!)
  • Find shoes, bag and other accessories for me
  • Take some time to meet reception staff and plan the flowers and taste the menu
  • Take time to have prewedding photoshoot / plan when we’ll have that
  • Find dress suits for the groom and his bestmen
  • Figure out what kind of hair and makeup I want



Above: These are the best shoes so far. I want something white or beige I could use after the wedding as well. These are from Högl which is one of my favorite shoe brands – their heels are always super comfortable and classy. Anyhow, I’d prefer white shoes so I’ll keep looking.



Above: I’ve been collecting screenshots about beautiful hairstyles. Also, Pinterest is a great place to collect inspiring photos about wedding stuff. 🙂



Check out the earlier update to see how we’ve progressed:


  1. Wow your honeymoon is going to be amazing, can’t wait to see photos. I started planning our wedding last year then we decided to put it on hold due to me falling pregnant can’t wait to get into crazy planning mode again =^.^=


    1. Yes, planning sure is a lot of fun! I cannot wait to explore all the cool places during the honeymoon. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to reading about your upcoming wedding!


  2. FIVE MONTHS TO GO, oh wow how the time seems to fly by so fast? I wish you all the best & good luck to the final arrangements 🙂


  3. There is a lot of things to do before the wedding, never thought of this! I would love to skip all the before things and go straight to the honeymoon, haha!!! Enjoy all the time Nora, every moment is precious!


  4. Woww….that sounds great planning dear Nora. Can’t wait to see some of your amazing pictures from your wedding. And the Bali, it remind me of my home country and make me home sick. My best wishes for your wedding plans and hope everything will be running well. xo


    1. Thanks Kintan! You can be sure that there will be plenty of wedding and honeymoon pictures coming next summer / fall. 😄 I hope you like them!


  5. First of all, congratulations on your engagement!! Wedding planning is soooo much fun – I’m already planning and making lists for our 10th anniversary party 🙂 Sounds like your plans are going really well and wow, that infinity pool is amazing!!


    1. Thank you! And btw doing those list is so much fun – and they keep you organized, so keep going the good work. 🙂 My fiancée is laughing to the amount of lists I have about the wedding but I think they really help with the planning process. And I know! I cannot wait to swim in there (and take some cool photos)! 😄


  6. Aw! This takes me back to my own wedding! I LOVE the shoes! I did a similar shoe in navy and my girls had them in beige! It looks like you’re getting quite a lot done. I remember wearing out a few months before our wedding and my husband ended up doing all the rest. Ha! But in the end, it all turned out wonderful and is definitely the best day of my life thus far!


    1. I’m happy to hear that you guys had an amazing day! I hope it turns out wonderful for us as well. I’m trying to be rather early than leaving things to the last minute since I know there are plenty of other things keeping me busy in addition to wedding. 🙂


  7. Only 5 months to go?! Wow! I still have 22. But congrats, you’re going to have a blast these next couple of months. Take it all in and just have fun.💖💍 —


    1. Thanks Emily! I really hope that the day and our honeymoon will be amazing. I hope you’ll have a wonderful wedding day too. ❤️


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