January Wrap Up 2018

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Oh wow, it’s already February! I hope you had a good and successful beginning for this year. This month I’ve been quite busy with most areas in life. I did a huge bunch of New Years Resolutions and I’ve been working hard with those. In this post I’ll wrap up all the blogging I’ve done and additionally discuss a bit about the other areas of my life.



Studies & Work




I started this year by completing one economics course within the first week of the year. I have also been working hard with my medical courses and one another economics course.


What comes to work I’m super happy that the Christmas season and sales after that are now behind. That time was overly busy once again. January is always a bit of recovery time from those.



Healthy Living




Well, I started this year by being sick haha. But fortunately, I’m already fine and I’ve been able to exercise and eat healthy. Sometimes it’s hard to sleep enough and eat healthy when busy but I think I’ve done quite well so far this year.


After having very stressful fall and winter I’m planning to share my tips of dealing with being stressed and exhausted with you. I’m happy that the busiest months are now behind and it’s getting easier in school and work now – also, it’s getting brighter and warmer here in Finland soon so it will be possible to exercise more outdoors soon, yeah!



Blog and Social





Above: Finnish travel bloggers and me in Nordic Travel Fair 2018 – who wants to go next year?!


I was too busy with other things time to time last fall. However, I did some killer plans on my Christmas break and I’m now one month ahead with my content drafts which is great. I really want to get back to consistency that I had at the first half of the last year.


I’ve also been more active in Instagram. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time as I wished to update my second blog but it’s quite fine.


This January I also visited an event as a blogger for the first time. It was the Nordic Travel Fair (Matka 2018) in Helsinki. I’ll share more information about this and how to apply for the blogger pass for next year later this year. 🙂







This January I managed to post 13 times. This included 3 travel, 3 lifestyle, 2 style and 5 wellness posts. Usually, I’m trying to have about same amount of post in each category but in January I wanted to focus on wellness because every January it seems to be a trending topic. 🙂


In February I’ll focus more on lifestyle and travel. I’m actually super excited that I have already written a lot of content for upcoming months – and planned even more. I think I have like 100 post ideas in my idea list atm haha. I hope you enjoy them!



Posts of January 2018:




1.1. New Years Resolutions for Year 2018


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13.1. Most Popular Posts: 2017 & All Time


15.1. Hotel Review: Remember Residence, Praha, Czech republic




17.1. Wellness Wednesday 3/5: 5 Exercise Tips & My Exercise Habits


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22.1. OOTD: White & Beige Look


24.1. Wellness Wednesday 4/5: Routines to Keep Your Mind Well and Balanced


26.1. My Travel Bucket List


29.1. Hotel Review: Trend Hotel Doppio, Vienna, Austria


31.1. Wellness Wednesday 5/5: What I Ate Today? Example of a Healthy Day




How was your January? 


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