Wellness Wednesday 5/5: What I Ate Today? Example of a Healthy Day

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Lately in my Wellness Wednesdays series I’ve discussed about 1) what I eat (almost) every day, 2) what lifestyle choices are keeping me healthy and happy, 3) how to exercise and how I exercise and 4) how to keep the mental part of you well and balanced.


This one is the final post of this series. In this one I’ll share and concrete example of what I eat. I don’t eat same foods everyday so this is just one example of how my day sometimes looks.


This one was a nice day off Sunday when I had good amount of time from cooking and photography. In weekdays I either eat my lunch in university or take something home cooked with me.





What I Ate Today? Example of a Healthy Day



Breakfast: Banana Pancakes




For breakfast I basically have three options nowadays: 1) If I have time I’ll do my favorite breakfast which is banana pancakes – this is my to go for day offs. Find my delicious banana pancake recipe from this post.


2) My second option for quite busy mornings is a smoothie. I love combining different berries, fruits and veggies into healthy smoothies I can take with in a shaker. 3) My third option during quite busy mornings is a bowl of whole wheat cereal or muesli.



Lunch: Pork Salad





I love having light lunches so that I won’t be all swollen and tired during the afternoon. Usually I combine some greens with some colorful fruits or veggies and then add some protein like brie, pork, beans or chicken.


During this example day my salad included some lettuce mix, spinach, cucumber, red bell pepper, sliced pork spiced with olive oil, lemon, thyme, black pepper and sea salt. Additionally, there was some lemon juice on those greens as well.



Snack: Smoothie





If I haven’t had a healthy and nutritious smoothie as a breakfast, I have those as snacks quite often. Fast, easy and delicious – and if you’re busy, you can also take these with you to a lecture, car or even work.


Find the recipe of this smoothie from here.








As a final meal of this day I had some super filling and delicious home made Karelia stew. Karelia stew very traditional Finnish food. It’s easy to do and super delicious. Anyhow, cooking this food takes 3-5 hours so you should definitely have a day off when doing this.


Karelia Stew is traditionally served with some smashed potatoes and fresh or frozen lingonberries. I also like to add some salad to make this dish even more healthy.


If you’re interested how Karelia Stew is made and what it includes you can find recipe for it from this post. That post also includes a recipe for traditional Finnish Laskiaispulla buns in case you’re curious about our traditional foods. Karelia stew can be eaten around year but those buns are only for Februaries.


This day I also had some red wine (which actually makes digesting meat protein easier for your stomach and has some healthy antioxidants in it). I don’t have wine too often with my meals but I really enjoy having a glass of high-quality wine sometimes. 🙂




During this example day in addition to eating I…


  • Updated my some, answer comments, edit photos, etc.
  • Exercised in gym and went to solarium
  • Shopped some groceries
  • Cleaned our home
  • Studied most of the night
  • Watched some Netflix series




How is your regular day usually – Foodwise and in general? Did you like this kind of post? Would you like to read more about my regular days?


    1. I’m happy to hear that! I’m always trying to make my foods look delicious. It so much nicer to eat them when the tastes and the visual site are good. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my recipes, Whitney!


  1. I loved this post! It’s so fun to get a peak into someone’s life in this way. 🙂 It was also really interesting to read about Karelia stew. Perhaps I should whip it up and impress all my friends with a Finnish feast. 🙂


    1. Please do that! That’s one of my Finnish food favorites. 🙂 I hope you and your friends enjoy it as much as I do. 😄


  2. I like your ”menu”, looks healthy and balanced and I am sure it is delicious as well. I love pancakes for breakfast because I can add whatever I want, depending on the daily schedule.


    1. That’s true! Pancakes are easy to customize. Just add a hint your favorite spice or serve with some berries or fruits – delicious anyway. 😄


    1. I’m happy to hear you enjoy those as well! Easy to cook, healthy and delicious. Probably that’s why smoothies and banana pancakes are so popular. 😄 Have a great weekend too, Kintan! xo


    1. Well, I can imagine that with the baby it’s not so easy to manage cooking for couple hours haha. But those pancakes and smoothies are something fast and easy to try. 😄


  3. That all looks very well rounded and delicious. I personally am wanting to add some smoothies to my routine. They’re so good and packed with nutrients. And filling!


    1. That’s true! Smoothies are full of nutrients and easy to make. I also love to fact that you can make them home and take them with you on the go. 🙂


    1. Please do that! I hope you love them. They have made my (weekend) mornings healthy and super delicious at the same time! 😋


    1. Thanks, Phaytea! I’m happy to hear you enjoy the feeling smoothies give you. They sure are great snacks or even meals. 🙂


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