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Do you love dreaming of paradise islands and interesting new places to explore? If yes, keep reading because today I’ll share a list of places where I’ve never been but into which I’d really love to go. Take a comfy position and start dreaming with me!



1. West Coast, USA


You might know I’ve lived a year in the US. But you know what? I’ve completely missed the west coast! If you but Highway 1 California into Google you’ll find a highway with probably most amazing views in the US. I’ve always wanted to go drive it and also explore California, Oregon and Washington. One day I’ll be there!



Above: States visited so far. The west coast has remained untouched.


2. Japan


Mystique temples, gorgeous nature, healthy traditional food, tea ceremonies, the beat of Tokyo… There so much to see in one country! I’d love to spend couple months exploring Japan but next summer I have an opportunity to get a little sneak peek when we go explore Japan for 10 days. I know it’s too few but probably we can still see something and take some amazing photos to share with you guys. I’ve always dreamed of traveling Japan so I’m super duper excited to finally go there!



3. Shanghai


When we were Googling honeymoon destinations I found Shanghai for the first time. I never thought to go to China before that but to be honest of all Asian cities Shanghai seems to have most activities and must-sees for us.


Did you know that Shanghai is the largest city in the entire world with it’s 24 million people? They thus have a lot of things to do and see from modern skyscrapers to traditional temples and teahouses. Anyhow, because you need a visa there we decided to skip it this time but one day I’ll sure go explore Shanghai!



Above: I assume that buildings in Dubai will look a bit similar or even more shiny and gorgeous than this super tall Marriot Hotel Warsaw in Poland.


4. Dubai, UAE


The super luxurious city built in the middle of a dessert sounds weird and interesting simultaneously. I’ve heard it’s something bigger and more luxurious than cities in the US – I love America so I’m super curious to see what can be even better. I’d love to see all those dancing fountains, shopping malls, luxury cars, etc.


Couple years ago I dreamed of working in UAE and actually I was supposed to actually go there but then my plans changed. Anyhow, I’m still interested going there and seeing if I actually like that place.



5. Italy


I’ve traveled a lot and explored most of the European countries but I’ve never been in Italy haha! I’ve somehow missed it. In Italy, there is plenty of gorgeous nature and lakes in North and romantic and historical places full of cultural activities in the southern parts. We’re planning to go there upcoming spring for a weekend but we haven’t booked anything yet. Any recommendations for places to go for a weekend in Italy?



Above: European countries visited so far. I’m doing quite fine with Europe but there is still so much to see in the world!


Finally, here is a sponsored tip for my Finnish readers: Ebookers has opened a new convenient site, Hintakartta, where you can compare prices. There are many different travel destinations available and you can compare different activity and item prices to prices in Finland. So, if you are planning new travels, my dear Finnish reader, check the new site and tell me what you think in comments. 🙂



Above: Sunsetting in beautiful Paris, France what a lovely view! At the top of this post is one of most gorgeous views I’ve been driving in, it’s from Austria when we were heading to the Alps.


What on your bucket list guys? Have you been in any places mentioned above? Are those worth visiting?


  1. I’m definitely going to check thah Hintakartta site! So convenient as we’re planning 2018 travels at the moment 🙂 thank you! Also, love your bucket list!


    1. Sounds good! I hope you find it useful, Jasmin. 🙂 It was hard to choose only five to my list but I think it ended up quite nice!


  2. Nice list! I don’t consider myself THAT well-traveled, but I’ve actually been to 4 of the 5 items on your list. The only place I have not visited is Dubai. I loved Japan and ended up staying there over 2 months. I stayed mostly in Kioto-Osaka area, but had a chance to take trips elsewhere and the only one of the main islands I have not been to is Hokkaido. I’ve been to US West Coast twice (San Francisco and L.A. on separate trips), but would like to visit again, since during the time of my visits I didn’t yet have a driver’s license, so I couldn’t rent a car and really explore all interesting sites. A coast to coast journey by car is on my bucket list!


    1. Oh wow, you’ve really traveled lot already! We’ll be in in Japan next summer for only 9.5 days – I’m quite sure that we need to go back for a longer trip but at least we can see a little bit of their culture. And what comes to that US coast to coast drive, it would be amazing too! I want to first do the West because I’ve driven from Ohio to South Carolina. But the west and Route 66 areas have raimained untouched. US is such a wonderful country that I’ll explore more of it for sure during the upcoming years. 🙂 And lastly, thank you for reading and the nice comment, Zeta!


  3. I have been to Japan twice before and it’s a must go for every traveller! Japan is just beautiful and there is so much to do there, so I’m very excited for your trip! Also, Italy is breathtaking. Every city is like an open museum and the pasta is just glorious! If you do end up going to Italy let me know where; there are some amazing restaurants there! Great list, I hope you get to see all those places!


    1. Thank you for the nice comment Corinne! I’m super excited to see Asia next summer and Japan has been on my bucket list for years. 🙂 I’m happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed Japan and Italy, I’m sure I will as well!


  4. USA is on my list too, Japan too. 🙂 Italiy is a must dear Nora. I have visited so many places in Italy and it’s totally worth it. Totally recommend you to visit. 🙂 Also you should come to Bosnia to visit me. 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, haha! I forgot that from my list. It would be great to see you and grab a coffee and have a outfit photo shoot together! 😄 I’m happy to hear that Italy is worth visiting, I’ve heard a lot of good experiences about it. 🙂


  5. The West Coast is super beautiful, and you’re totally right — best views in the States! Japan is super high on my travel bucket list. I also would love to go to Iceland and Costa Rica in the near future.


    1. Iceland would be cool too! I’ve changed flights there but I’m sure Reykjavik would also be a good location for a 1-2-day stopover. 🙂


  6. I’m road tripping through Florida this March 😀 otherwise Italy I highly recommend it, I only first set foot in this country about three years ago and since then I keep coming back, it is amazing, and the food oh…


    1. I’ve heard that Italy is interesting and full of amazing food and culture. 😄 I hope you enjoy west coast as well! I’m super excited for you!


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