Wellness Wednesday 4/5: Routines to Keep Your Mind Well and Balanced

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Are you already living quite healthy but still feeling too stressed or busy sometimes? Would you like to find even better mental balance? Have you ever wondered what affects your tolerance for stress?


I’m living an extremely busy life with my two studies and job – the life full of schedules. How am I able to handle all that? Today I’ll discuss a bit about techniques that have helped me keep my inner balance. I wish you can learn something new here today!





For me, this is the most important one. When you have slept well you’re more tolerant of stress and everything seems easier. Sleeping is also good recovery time for your body and brain – it facilitates learning and if you’re sick gets you better faster.


I target to sleep 7-9 hours on average. The amount of sleep that makes you feel energetic is the best for you – usually, that’s between 6 and 10 hours a night. If you cannot sleep enough during night take some power naps. These should be either very short, around 20 minutes or 1.5 hours – that’s because a sleep cycle of an adult is around 90 minutes and you feel most energetic if you wake up either before or after the deepest sleep of the cycle.




I and my fiancée have used an iPhone app called sleep cycle for years now to make sure we wake up when it’s the best time of the cycle. The app basically tracks your sleep an wakes you up at the best possible moment in the time frame set by you. It also tracks how you have slept during the night. Learn more about that app on the website of Sleep Cycle.





Sometimes it’s just nice to listen to music and chill or go roaming outdoors without any schedules or targets. Whatever your favorite way is, remember to relax. Take some time without schedules, rush or targets. Let your brain and body relax time to time.



Doing Things You Love




What could be better for your happiness and mental health than enjoying life? Do things you love on a daily basis if you can. Find a job and hobby you love, and study area(s) you are passionate about. Inner motivation to things you do helps you wake up and keeps you going happily.


Anyhow, remember to have other things in addition to your work and studies as well. You might love those and it’s great! However, it’s good to also have hobbies, friends, family and other things in your life. Enjoy time with your pet, run by the beach, listen to music and chat with your friends.



Being Well-Organized




When you know what you will do and when you don’t have to stress about time. Having a clear schedule helps you to handle multiple deadlines and other projects.


Even better than just having that schedule in mind is to have it written down. Personally, I use the calendar app of my Apple products to make sure I won’t miss anything important. In the app, I have my work, some, studies, etc. in their own calendars written down.


When you have everything listed, you don’t have to actively keep those things in your mind. That lets you focus on other things. I find it easier not to try to remember everything – instead, my phone and laptop know where I should be and when, and those keep me on track.



Deep Breathing


I found deep breathing exercises when I bought my Apple Watch (it includes a free app for deep breathing!). Deep breathing is a good way to make your body and mind to relax. Just focus on every breath and don’t think about anything else. Sometimes it helps you to reduce stress. I love using those if I have had tough conversations or if I’m super busy and stressed.



Holidays and Day Offs



Above: Relaxing and eating well in Restaurant Musta Lammas


Even if you love your work don’t work every day. Remember to take some time off too. Go for a holiday or just enjoy the fact you can spend the entire day with your hobbies, friends or other non-work-related things. Believe me, it’s good for you time to time.


If you want more tips for flying and organizing holidays, there are a couple of my posts related to this topic:


For additional tips, Hims has written an excellent article about traveling ”like a boss” – comfortably and with style. Find it here:



+ Eating Healthy and Exercising




A healthy mind often lives in a healthy body. Thus, take good care of your physical part as well to keep your mind balanced and well.


Other posts in this series can teach you more about healthy eating and exercise habits:




I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Let me know your tips for a healthy and balanced mind and life in comments!


  1. Hi Nora, these are all great tips! Managing a busy schedule can be really fulfiling as long as you make sure to relax, rest, and organise properly to avoid over-stressing or burn out! Taking frequent work breaks is another one that’s important and so easy to forget when you’re on a roll at work!

    XO Miss Portmanteau


    1. Thanks for the comment Lara! I agree that business itself is not a problem – you just have to make sure you’re not stressing too much because of your schedules 🙂 xo


  2. These are such great tips. I must say, I absolutely need to get more sleep (thx for the reminder). I also believe that taking deep breaths can work miracles. Gotta get back into my Yoga too 😉


    1. I’m happy to help! Yoga sure is a good one too – it combines breathing techniques, relaxing and also taking care of the physical part of wellness. 😄


  3. I’ve been extremely shit at sleeping lately. I wish it was because the baby keeps me awake but nope, it’s just me. Thankfully I got an allergic reaction to my eye from something & now I’m so tired because of the meds doctor prescripted me that I can’t keep my eyes open after taking one in the evening!


    1. Hopefully that ability to sleep well remains after the meds too. Sometimes things like stress can affect sleeping. Maybe you could try some deep breathing or outdoor walks before going to bed?


  4. I loved read this post Nora. Just what I needed to hear right now. I think I need to start exercise more because when it comes to that I am such a lazy person. I start and after a few days I quit. I need to read your post about that – hope that it will be helpful for me.
    Also for me meditation works very well. I enoy in those quite moments that I have for myself. 🙂


    1. Try to start a bit less intense and make it fun! That’s the best way to keep going. For example do 20-30minutes works outs and listen to your favorite music while doing those. Even a short workout is better than no work out. When that becomes a routine, you can start progressing from there. All the best to your year! ❤️


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