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White and lights color during wintertime? This look is what I wore for New Year’s Eve this year. Stylish white pieces with a top that is beige with some golden glam.


Here in Finland, 99% of people are wearing only black and dark colors during winter. Because it’s so dark out there I prefer lighter colors to add some positivity and colors to the darkness.




And btw, if you’re blogging about beauty and style don’t come to Finland to do outfit shots during the winter (October-February) because a) we have sunlight for 0-4 hours a day depending on how north you are and b) if you’re in south where you have sunlight it’s probably raining to whole winter. Yep, I wish I’d be in California right now haha! Fortunately, we have our balcony where we can take decent photos but I cannot wait for summer and better light conditions though.




Shirt: Kaffe

Jacket: White House Black Market

Pants: Zara

Watch: Apple Watch Series 2 Gold with Antique White Sport Band

Ring: My lovely engagement ring

Puppy: Ben, our 10 months old white miniature poodle who came to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with us

Shoes: I added beige heels from Tiger of Sweden to this look but kind of forgot to photograph them oops!




What I love about this look is that it’s cute and professional looking at the same time. I also love that white jacket that I bought from White House Black Market store in the US couple year ago. It’s quite hard to combine with other clothes but I still find it very pretty and very different to my other jackets.


What comes to my beige top, it’s from my mother in law and I think I’ve never used it before. Beige with gold glam isn’t my favorite color in everyday looks but it for sure gave a nice twist to this more festive look, or what you guys think?




Do you prefer dark or light colors during wintertime? How is winter like in your country?


  1. I prefer dark colors in the wintertime but I can see the appeal of wearing a white/light outfit to really pop in a sea of darkly clad folks! Winter in South Florida is kind of boring…we see a few chilly days but mostly it still feels like Summer.


    1. I’d looove to come to South Florida right now! Even though it’s kind of cool and beautiful to have four very different seasons, it still sucks that it’s freezing out there. And thanks for the comment Beth! 😄


  2. I prefer dark clothing around the year haha 😀 I’m so messy I’d regret wearing bright clothes… or the baby is. Who knows?


    1. Haha, well light / bright colors with the baby might not be the best idea! I sometimes think it’s not a good idea with the puppy either haha. But well, we have a good washing machine saving me and my clothes haha 😂😅


  3. I love that you are going against the tide and doing YOU!! You look great in bright colors and Im sure you add so much light to anyone you are around also!!


    1. Thank you so much for your awesome comment, Whitney! ❤️ I love wearing bright colors and I really wish other people will love these looks as much as you and I do. 🙂


  4. I love lighter colors year round! There is something about beige, creams, and whites that look very sophisticated. Great look! I can’t imagine being in the dark all winter 😦


    1. Yes, the light colors are sophisticated and they also have nice positive vibes on them I think. I’m happy that I’m not the only one who just cannot go with those dark ones all winter! 😄


    1. Thanks! I like the watch a lot, it’s nice to get all the notifications straight away, even if my phone is in silent mode. Also, the watch motivates me to be active. It’s like my personal trainer on my wrist haha! 🙂


    1. That’s all true! I hope everyone would understand that, I’m super bored with Finnish winter all-black looks.


  5. Wow! I had no idea that Finland only had 4 hours of sunshine in winter so I agree thank goodness for your balcony haha ! I love the watch it is so sleek and stylish and your doggy is absolutely adorable as well!


    1. Actually it depends on where in Finland you live. In south it’s 4-5 hours at its darkest but in north there is around two months without sunlight. I would probably die to depression there haha. But yeah, balcony and light clothes make the life a bit more bright in here. I’m happy to hear you like to look and my poodle friend. 😄🐩


    1. Winter in Cali sounds my kind of winter haha. I hate the darkness and coldness of Nordic winter. And I mean, it’s nice and beautiful for a week or so but months of it is too much for me.


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