Decluttering Your Wardrobe

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Is your wardrobe full of clothes you never use? Is there piles of clothes that are not in good condition anymore but you used to like those one day? Does your wardrobe include clothes that represent you’re style and values?


Today I’ll discuss a bit about decluttering your wardrobe – that basically means getting rid of things you don’t need, organizing the good ones and maybe buying some extra pieces to create a perfect wardrobe for you. After decluttering with my tips you should not have those mornings with clothing crisis anymore. Instead, you’ll have something beautiful to wear every day!





Decluttering Your Wardrobe


Step 1: Get Rid of Excess Items



Purple ankle shoes, really? Some pieces make me wonder what on earth I was thinking. These shoes are not only hard to combine with other clothes – they are also slippery and out of fashion. –> donate!


When you go through your closet ask yourself if the item is…


… very old / in crumby condition —> throw it away

… something you have never used —> donate

… something that used to be trendy but isn’t any more —> donate

… something that doesn’t fit / look good on you —> donate

… something you love and wear often —> keep

… something classy and easy to pair with other items —> keep



Step 2: Organizing the Ones You’ll Save




Alright! Now you’re left with the classy, easy-to-pair items and items you love. Now it’s time to start organizing them into your closet again. There are many ways to keep things in a good order.


How to keep your wardrobe organized?


  • Use hangers and organize them in color order
  • Use boxes for small things like socks and underwear to keep them all in one place. If you’re super organized you can also put every piece in their own little bags / boxes
  • Start having a logic with shelves – let’s say all party items are in one, all sports items in another, all everyday clothes in one or two, etc.
  • Do regular organizing and cleaning – for example you can have one day of week or month when you go through your clothes and check if there’s something that needs to be fixed, donated or just put in an another place in your wardrobe
  • What comes to shoes, you can either have them nicely organized in the closet as they are – or you can put them in shoeboxes and print or type what’s in which box. That way you don’t have to open all of them to find your shoes.



Step 3: Figuring Out What’s Missing and Buying Some New Favorites



Classy heels are a must! My go-tos are these black heels from Clark’s and those red heels from Högl.


Go through the must have items listed below. Is something missing? Focus on items that are classy and easy to pair with each other when planning the new ones!


Also, give some thought on the quality and lifespan of the clothes you buy. Additionally, you should think about your personal style and values when planning those purchases – Do you want your clothes to be playful? Business casual? Sustainable? Vegan?


When you have figured out what’s missing and what you want to buy – then it’s time for some well-planned shopping. 🙂



You might want to have colors that are easy to pair with others – prefer neutrals over colorful in everyday clothes.


Must Have Items



  • 2-3 pairs of pants for everyday use
  • 1 pair of better black pants
  • 1-3 pairs of sports pants



  • 5-10 shirts for everyday use
  • 1-3 pairs of more fancy shirts
  • 2-4 sports shirts


Skirts / Dresses

  • 1-2 everyday skirts or dresses
  • 2-3 party / fancy skirts or dresses



My to go everyday shoes are these classy black ankle boots from Vagabond



  • 1-2 pair of more casual everyday shoes
  • 1 pair of basic black boots
  • 1-2 pairs of classy heels
  • 1-2 pairs of sports shoes



  • 1-2 everyday jackets
  • 1-2 jackets for business events / parties
  • 1-2 winter jackets if your living in somewhere cold
  • 1-2 sport jackets if you do outdoor sports



Warm winter jacket is a must if living somewhere cold like here in Finland! Also, have some easy to pair accessories like classy scarfs and neutral colored bags.



  • 1-2 scarfs for everyday purposes
  • 1-2 more festive scarf
  • 1-2 hats
  • 1-2 pairs of gloves if you’re living in somewhere cold


Undies / Socks

  • Undies and socks for around a week




When I’m looking for new items to my wardrobe I’m usually relying on my long-time favorite brands. With these I can be sure I’ll use the items as long as they last:


  • Tommy Hilfiger (everyone who knows me how much I love those clothes – not the most sustainable brand but too beautiful)
  • Högl (the most comfortable heels I’ve found so far)
  • White House Black Market (very cool, comfortable, valuable priced and classy at the same time, pure love!)
  • Nike, Puma and Better Bodies – my favorite sports wear brands so far
  • Zara – valuably prized classy everyday clothes, they are also working hard to be more sustainable
  • Polo Ralph Lauren – this brand has some lovely basic everyday shirts and also some nice dresses
  • Calvin Klein – my favorite for undies too comfy and beautiful
  • DKNY – I love Donna Karan! The bags, gloves and scarves of this brand are absolutely gorgeous


Lately I’ve also found some new brands I’d love to try:

  • Pact – I’d love to add some more sustainable everyday pieces to my wardrobe and this brand seems very interesting. They are committed to use organic cotton in their clothes – how cool is that?
  • Zady – another sustainable brand who’s doing a bit more business casual kind of clothes




What do you think about my tips? Are they useful for you? Did you learn anything new? What brands you like to wear and why? Have you tried any from my lists?



  1. Your tips are amazing Nora. I love them. And this post is magazine worthy. I have never read something like this before… yes definitely useful.
    I am one of those who has a lot of things in my wardrobe that I don’t use… so weekend is here.. Maybe I should do my wardrobe organization tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing this dear!


    1. Oh, thank you so much for your kind words Zana! You saying that this is magazine worthy means so much to me. I’ve been working hard to improve my content every year but this is the first time someone said that. Thank you ❤️

      And I’m more than happy to help you with my content. I hope you have amazing weekend and get your wardrobe decluttered! Thank you once again for reading and your amazing comment. You definitely made my day! 😄


  2. Wowww….what a fantastic tip dear. I have to organized again my wardrobe. I just did maybe about 2 month ago, and I need to let go some an old clothes even I did a regularly but still that I have to do, as I bought some new clothes too. Love your tip anyway. Wish you have a great weekend dear. xo


    1. Thanks for the comment, Kintan! It’s crazy how there is something to declutter after only couple of months. It’s the same to me, especially if I’ve been busy, the wardrobe becomes messy far too easily. Have a nice weekend! XO


  3. What a wonderful tips! This is exactly what my wardrobe looks like (minus the skirts, sportswear & heels):-D
    You also reminded me that I need to buy a new parka for the winter, cold times are coming.


    1. I’m happy that you have well organized wardrobe – and also that I reminded you of that parka. 🙂 But coming? I just came from Kuopio and it was like -10C there with horrible wind. I hope it won’t become any colder. 🙈


      1. I’m cold when it gets to -20’C haha 😀 don’t know how, I take wool socks with me to Spain in the middle of the summer. 😀


    1. I know! It’s a great feeling not to have piles of stuff you never use there – it’s so much easier to find clothes when there isn’t too much of them and they’re all the nice ones. 🙂


  4. I am definitely going to start purging my wardrobe again and check it against your list of must haves. I have been interested in Minimalism and Marie Kondo since 2016 and have been trying to declutter as much as I can especially my wardrobe, I just enjoy the feeling of having a clean and organized wardrobe.


    1. That feeling sure is amazing. I hope can get it nice, neat and organized soon – then just enjoy it! Thanks for a comment and happy decluttering, Amalog! 🙂


  5. I do that 4 times a year minimum, whenever I feel like it is getting messy I pull out everything out of the closet and start organizing which piece is going where 🙂 I love organization by it purpose (sport, casual, work..)


    1. That’s a good schedule to do that and your way sounds good! I usually do the same plus organize my jackets to color order like shown in photos. 🙂


    1. Oh no! Well, I hope you save this post for later so that it can help you next time. 😄 And thank you for commenting and following, Alice!


  6. I’m doing continuous wardrobe cleaning – especially as with three growing boys, there are also their closets to organize. I’m getting better with age as I’ve learned that if I don’t wear something now, I’m not very likely to wear it later… So all this “I may use it sometime later, so I’ll keep it just in case” -thinking has already proven wrong..


    1. That’s true! If you or your kids won’t use it within an year it’s better to sell those old clothes or give them those clothes to friends or charity. You’ll have more organized wardrobe and make someone else happy. 🙂


  7. I guess this is a post everybody needs. I like it how you first rid the wardrobe from stuff that you don’t want anymore and then in the second part make a list what actually should be in there. The organizing tips are great – but one has to do it on a regular basis, otherwise you’ll fall back into your old routine.


    1. That’s true! These tips will for sure work best of you keep good care of your wardrobe daily and do bigger decluttering every now and then. Working constantly to keep things nice and clean sure helps the decluttering process and make the results last longer.


    1. Yes, the feeling when it’s all sorted and beautifully in order sure is worth all the work! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Phaytea! 😄


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