Top 10 Things to Do on Christmas & My Christmas Plans

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What to do during Christmas time to enjoy the most? Relaxing, eating well and spending time with your loved ones are important but have you ever wondered how to get most out of Christmas time? In this post I’ll share my best practices to make Christmas time relaxing and fun!



1. Sleep until noon and just stay in bed


One of the best things you can do after busy fall season with all the work, studies, Christmas shopping, etc. is just to relax and sleep enough. Stay in bed until noon, sleep as much as needed and be refreshed and ready to enjoy the day!



2. Read book or blogs under candle light and relax


Scented candles and their soft light, and maybe a comfy blanket – is there anything better? Take some time to enjoy the relaxing candle light and read things you love – it can be anything from a book to a blog. Just take time for yourself.




Above: the Christmas tree of the library of my university – how cute is this!



3. Have a long walk outdoors (with family)


All day indoors might at first sound nice but it’s good to take some fresh air too. Go for a walk with your family and explore the beauty of nature (or city). Walking is good for your body and mind, and it’s fun too – especially with some good company!



4. Explore all the decorations of the neighborhood


Walk, cycle, drive – whichever works best in your country and area! One of my favorite things is to grab my iPhone and go drive around the silent Helsinki with my fiancé at night before of after Christmas Eve. It’s so beautiful to see all the lights and decorations people have there! Go explore and be amazed how beautiful the world around you can be. ❤




Above: Our Christmas decorations



5. Enjoy cooking and baking


Obviously food is a big part of Christmas. Try not to panic or hurry, instead focus on enjoying the moment. If you’re in charge of cooking invite your best friend or favorite family member over to help you – it’s a lot more fun with some company. You can also cook together with the guests.



6. Eat delicious things with some good company


Not only the cooking is part of Christmas tradition but also eating all those yummy things cooked. Enjoy your favorites without stressing about calories or nutrients. If you do 360 days great, you can also have couple days off eating super healthy. Those 360 days matter more than the couple ones you’ve relaxed more with eating.




Above: Perfect idea for a gift – DIY muesli, cookies or other cute eatable things.



7. Have a movie marathon


Do you remember when you had a whole day off and just movies? Well, if you’re even almost busy as I’ve been lately, you probably don’t. Christmas is a good time for those movie marathons with family and relatives. Enjoy!



8. Pamper yourself


Have a bubble bath, scrub, facial masks… Just take some time to yourself and enjoy – or probably you can do these with a sister, mom or other relative? Add some Christmas scented products or candles to keep up the holiday spirit.




Above: Our lanterns – a great way to get some light to the house during wintertime



9. Go photographing without any rush


Winter time, all those decorations, food, candles, Christmas events, sleeping cities – Christmas is full of things to photograph. And you might even have time to edit those photos straight away. Sounds perfect, right?



10. Play (board)games and have fun without any work / study responsibilities!


One more activity might have done for a while is boardgames and other gaming sessions with family. Dig out some old favorites from closets and have some old school fun with those and good company!




Above: my hair for one Christmas theme party earlier this year. Anyone interested in seeing how this was done?



My Christmas Plans


This year I have luxurious two day off in row during Christmas. We will spend them both with my fiancées family. For sure we’ll open the presents, eat and maybe cook together. Probably we’ll also go walking with our dogs (and probably we can see some beautiful lights then! I cannot stop loving all the decorations). Some movies might also be part of the Christmas weekend.


In general, the goal is to just relax with good company. Probably I’ll also take some time blogging at some point during the weekend – but work emails or study staff won’t be done during Christmas!




What are your Christmas favorites? What kind of Christmas you’ll have this year?



  1. What a great and relatable list. I also love the festive decorations and seeing the lights light uo the streets whilst doing the Christmas shops, the food, movies and games. It’s the time of year when we can all get away with being kids again.


  2. We have traditional lunch gathering with the family and story telling from the past. I love long sleeping, reading good books, go outdoor to make some good photos without any rush and of movie marathon! ^_^


  3. Its such a wonderful plans. It seems a bit similar as my plans with family here in Germany. Have a long sleep, relax, watching movie together and walk outside and eat a lot delicious food and christmas cake its also my plans this christmas time.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family dear, and a happy holiday ahead.

    A lot of love. xo


  4. Oh my how I miss sleeping until the noon haha. That’s in the past for me for sure 😀
    I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas!


    1. My fiancée’s mom is taking care of our dog during Christmas so that we can sleep. Otherwise that furry one always wakes us up around 6am. 🙈 Lovely Christmas time for you too, Jasmin! 😄


      1. Haha makes me wonder if I’d ship D over to our mums for some weekend 😀 that actually might not be a bad idea at all!


  5. Your tree hair is adorable and I plan on reading books and spending time with my girlfriends at a brunch. I hope you enjoy your day 🙂


  6. As my wife and me spend Christmas with and at our families, this requires some travelling, so that all the points regarding “sleeping out and relaxing” are only possible on the days after Christmas which we usually take off from work. However, during Christmas the parts about boardgames and especially EATING are certainly true 😉 I can totally relate to your list! Thanks for spreading the spirit 😉


    1. Sounds lovely! I’m happy you liked the post. It’s so nice to get to sleep, eat and relax for couple days! I hope you guys have enjoyed your time so far! 😄


  7. I’m guilty of doing all of these – especially #1. This is why you’ve just gotta love the holidays! No stress, nothing, just good ol’ relaxing days! Happy holidays!!!


  8. these are really helpful tips and ideas to welcome the holiday.. too bad I failed on that Number 1 Tip… I didn’t get enough sleep prior to Christmas Eve so I ended up being too sleepy and tired when the clock strikes 12 midnight haha (i was able to get enough energy because of the foods and sweets though)
    Boardgames and movie marathon are very nice too.. I might apply these things for New Years Eve (and will make sure to get enough sleep and pampering before it arrives haha)
    thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks for your comment! Sounds like you have New Years Eve well planned. I’m also glad you enjoyed the post! Happy holidays!


  9. I love Christmas! We did a Christmas snack box unboxing and try out. That was a lot of fun as well :). The Christmas tree in your library is amazing! 7 is definitely something I did! I got quite some movies for Christmas and we watched a few immediately!


    1. What a lovely idea! I should try doing my own snack box. 🙂 Thank you for your nice comment and happy holidays, Carols!


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