4+1 Ways to Improve Your Life – Improving Myself Has Kept Me Busy Lately

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Are you dreaming of healthier, happier life? Probably you’d like to write a book or start a business? Do you sometimes feel that you cannot reach those goals because of lack of something – time, money, knowledge?


Today I’ll share with you guys 5+1 excellent ways to improve yourself and achieve your longtime goals!


I’ve been quite busy lately with multiple of these simultaneously but if you just begin with one you’ll be moving to the right way. And the more you add, more you’ll be able to achieve faster. Anyhow, remember to focus on the journey towards right things – do not try to rush with any of these!





4+1 Ways to Improve Your Life


1. Study area(s) You’re Interested In


If your dream requires some additional knowledge, go studying to make it possible to achieve your dreams. You can do those studies formally in place like university, or you can study at home depending on the are you want to learn.


Start with some research – figure out where you can learn the skills you’ll need. Find out the quality of education, costs, schedules, etc. and find the best place and time to start.






My Studies


At moment I’m studying medicine in university, I also study economics Internet based  to same university. If I could I’d do the same with med but usually that’s not possible with healthcare, so I have to be present in uni almost every week.


Additionally, I’m studying some, marketing, writing and photography and other related things during my spare time. I hope that some day I can combine all the things I love and help people live happy and healthy lives in an unique, and hopefully, new way.







2. Do Work that Matters & Get Better Daily


Would you like to improve your skills or financial situation by working? If yes, give some time for thinking what you would enjoy doing. In the best case, your work is satisfying, fun and also teaches you some new important skills.



My Job


I’m not representing my employer in some so I won’t tell any details about my work here. However, I’m clad that I’ve found a great job in which I have superb teams around me, exciting products with which I work and an area where is something new and exciting every month.


I love how my work has taught me a lot about technology and economy. It has also made me even better working with people and working under stress, and working with extremely tight deadlines.


And yes, time to time it’s hard to work, study and do all the other things I do. However, the fact I really enjoy my job makes this combo a lot easier.






3. Focus on Yourself and Your Health


This is always a good way to improve the quality of your life and your energy levels. In addition, you might save same money on healthcare and medicine costs in a long run by taking care of yourself.


You can improve your health by eating nutritious food and enough (but not too much though). You can also add some exercise you enjoy and make sure you sleep and relax enough daily. Also, remember to take some time doing things you love and spending time with your loved ones.






My Ways for Improving Health


I’ve always enjoyed eating healthy because it makes me feel good. Anyhow, I guess everyone of us likes to have some treats sometimes. At the moment I’m working to change my diet so that I’d only eat things that make me feel good. That means finding nutritious options for things like candies, pizza, etc. I don’t want to restrict anything but instead make those healthy.


I’m also exercising daily to keep myself fit and healthy. One of the big challenges for me is getting enough sleep somedays because of my busy schedules. I’ve been trying to solve lacking night time sleep by taking a nap 1-2 times a week. This is not ideal but better than not sleeping enough in a long run.







4. Be Creative – Write, Photograph, etc.


Sometimes creating something completely new might help you achieve new and amazing things. If your dream is to became a writer, painter or game designer, keep being creative to improve your skills.


Also, don’t be afraid of sharing your masterpieces! Nowadays it’s easy to share those in a blog, social media, forums, events, etc. When you share those, talk about them with others and also see others work you’ll learn and improve faster than only working alone at home!



My Ways of Being Creative


I’m dreaming that my future career would be (in addition to other things) related to some, writing and photographing. To improve those skills, I’m writing this blog – and I’m also creating a brand new nutrition and recipe blog Cloudberry Time .


Additionally, I’m working with a book project. I worked to create plenty of recipes during last winter. To make the book I did four weeks intensive photoshooting last summer and at the moment I’m editing the final photos and text. I’ll let you guys know when and where my first book will be published.


Finally, to improve my photography skills I love doing photos to Shutterstock . Lately I’ve been quite busy with other things but I haven’t forgot Shutterstock. I hope I can find time to create some new material during this winter. If you’re interested to buy the older photos though, they’re available for sale!




Christmas decorations are something creative I love, my fiancé took this photo of me during October – the first snow was here so I wanted to decorate the three




5. Do Things You Love the Most


Do you love spending time with your family? Cooking? Traveling? Even if those aren’t included in your job, studies, creativity or health make sure you have time to do things you love.


Doing things you love keep your mental health better, makes you happy and sometimes ends up into a career. Or if that won’t be your career, you might find contacts or learn skills that will help you achieve your dreams. And usually, those dreams are related to something you love in life.




Things I Love


I’ve always been passionate in many things. I love writing, photography and all that staff in creativity section. I also love learning things that’s strongly present in studies and my job. In addition, I love meeting a lot of people without creating too deep relationships with them – that’s partly included in job and studies as well.


I feel quite lucky that I can do things I love 90% of my time – even when doing more mandatory stuff.


Moreover, I love spending time with my fiancé and our puppy. That’s what I basically do most of my time when I’m not working or studying. He’s being superb help with my book project, he’s the best travel buddy I could have, I even love cooking healthy food and doing sports with him.


I would like to spend some more time traveling and with friends but probably I’ll have more time for those after graduating. Fortunately, we’ll have at least one big day with all the loved ones next summer when we have our wedding day. And after that we’ll go explore Europe and Asia for four weeks during our honeymoon. Cannot wait!







+ Always Focus on Future – How to Make it Better?


After reading my situation some of you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But don’t think my examples as a guideline what you should do, or what you should do tomorrow.


Create your own path. Think about your situation now: what have you done lately? In what your good at? Do you love what your doing? What would you like to do in future? How you can move your situation towards your dreams?


Take baby steps. Start changing one thing at a time. Start studying what you love, find more interesting job, start eating healthier or what ever it is for you.


But do not rush or hurry. Change takes time. You can change your life a bit, a lot or totally. Last two obviously require more time. Work hard and you’ll start seeing changes in months or years.


Every one of us can improve the quality of our lives. It might make us busy and feel tough time to time but believe, it’s worth it in a long run.




Greeting from the brunch of Lilla Roberts, Helsinki, Finland. We found this lovely place by a recommendation of a friend. Go check this place out if you’re in Helsinki – it’s a lovely place with good selection of foods and friendly service.



How can you start improving your life and future? What changes you’ll do?


    1. Shall the rest of the year and the upcoming one be full of improving your creativity, Phaytea! I’m happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂


  1. Holy shit girl you’re the real definition of #girlboss! This is amazing & very inspirational, exactly what I needed right now.


  2. WOWW…you did really incredible inspiration for us. After I read your article, it gave me more motivation and more inspiration. As I also now busy with my new job and also busy doing with blogging and both of them really makes me happy and so much fun. But I also love photography and fitness too. XO


    1. I’m happy to hear you found my post motivating, Kintan! It’s good to have a lot of things you love. Then just set some goals and figure out how to do them even more or better to achieve your dream life! ❤️


  3. This is such an inspirational reading! Congratulations on being so active and creative! I believe when we love the things we do and also when we do all the things with love, everything is possible, everything is easier.


    1. That’s so true internal motivation makes things a lot easier and funnier to do! I’m happy that you liked the post and found it inspiring, Helene! 😃


  4. First of all, you look beautiful! 🙂
    …I agree with everything you wrote here. I am also a big advocate of constantly investing in yourself – progress is everything. This past year I’ve read a lot (and I mean A looot). challenged my creativity and got in a regular exercising schedule. I feel better when I take care of myself and when I feel like I’m actually improving instead of just stagnating.

    Happy holidays, Nora!

    Tadeja xx


    1. Thank you for your kind words and inspiring comment, Tadeja! Improving yourself and taking care of yourself are keys to success and happiness, I believe. I’m glad to hear that you’re constantly working on those. 🙂

      Happy holidays! xx


  5. I love setting goals for myself and seeing them come to fruition. It is awesome that you are going to school and taking care of yourself. It can get overwhelming but it seems that you have focused on what you really want to do and living that out as happily as possible! Congrats!


    1. That’s true, my life is busy at the moment but I’m trying to get the most happiness and fun out of it. 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment!


  6. You are on the very right track to make the most of 2018, filled with positive energy and inspiration. Most people tend to forget that we have got only this one life! Your photos are brilliant, I really enjoyed reading and seeing what you’re up to. Sounds great, have a rocking New Year ❤ I am sure, you will.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Klaudia! I love sharing my drive and inspiration to improve myself and hopefully it will help you and the other readers to rock 2018 as well. Happy holidays and successful New Year! ❤️


    1. That’s a good goal for you for the upcoming years – just start saying yes more often and exploring what good things that can bring to your life! ❤️ I’m from Finland but my family is very international. My last name comes from Norway and my first name is given after an Egyptian queen. 😄 My parents wanted me to have an international name and so far I haven’t found a language with which Nora could not be pronounced so I think they did very good job on that. 🙂


      1. Thank you, Corinne! 🙂 I’ve studied it for 9 years and I actually lived one year in the US and it improved a lot there. Happy holidays!


  7. I like all these ideas.I continue with my studies,even with short courses that can make me refresh with the knoledge.At the same time,healthy food choices are essential.Exercise and things I like to do to spend free time is always helpful for me to improve my lifestyle…


    1. Sounds that you have an excellent plan! I hope you can put in action all the improvements planned during the upcoming year, Amila! And thank you for your comment.


  8. Tell me about your family, lovely lady!
    This year, my personal aim is to stick to a healthy schedule. I used to climb 50 floors every day but have become lazy over the past few days.
    No sugar but lots of hard work this year.
    And yes, I will try to be less opinionated in 2018.
    Best of luck, Nora


    1. Healthier lifestyle is always a good goal! The good feeling and wellness it gives sure are worth some extra work time to time. Good luck with your goals!


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