Our Honeymoon Plans: Where are We Going and Why?

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Are you getting married and planning a honeymoon? Be ready to get introduced to some excellent destinations for a honeymoon! We’ll be having a 4-week honeymoon traveling around Europe and Asia. I did Googling about tens of locations and I found some that are more or less good value for money and full of things to see and explore with your loved one. Below you can find all the destinations we’ll be exploring next summer.

Later I’ll do more detailed post about our plans for every of these destinations. Additionally, after our honeymoon I’ll of course share tips, tricks and must sees so if you’re in general interested in honeymoon planning or traveling remember to follow this blog!




1. Zürich, Switzerland


We fall absolutely in love with Switzerland when we visited it in July 2017. Everything is clean and beautiful, people are friendly and food is delicious. They also have plenty of amazing bath and spas to explore. If you think going to Europe for a honeymoon, consider Switzerland.



2. Singapore, Singapore


City of Singapore full of luxury with some modern western twist. On the other hand there still are some traditional Asian culture around. We’re very interested to explore this gorgeous modern mixture of east and west.



3. Bali, Indonesia


Looking for paradise beaches with sunbathing and some snorkeling? Or probably your interested in nature or eating delicious Asian food without spending tons of money. For us this is the place we’re we’ll just relax and enjoy valuably priced luxury.


From Bali we’re also planning to take a fast boat to some of the gorgeous Gili Islands (Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan). Those Islands are knows as perfect honeymoon locations – especially the first two mentioned. Cannot wait!




4. Multiple cities, Japan


I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and when we figured out that flying Bali-Osaka + Tokyo-Singapore cost only around 300€ per person we decided to give it a go. Flying from Finland straight to Japan is super expensive and time consuming but when we’re so close we decided that we have to go explore all the hot springs, temples, beat of Tokyo and those delicious local foods. We’re planning to take a train pass to get around and to travel between those cities.




If you’re interested in this kind of multi destination trip, find my tips for booking flights in this post, I’ve also written about finding cheap flights here. Feel also free to ask me questions in comment section! 🙂


Where would you go for a honeymoon? Have you some tips you use when booking or planning multi-destination trips?



  1. Ah sounds amazing! Well planned is almost done right? We had this plan to go around the Stated but it’s been frozen for a while 😀


  2. Sounds like you’ve got an amazing Honeymoon planned! I’m sure it’ll arrive closer than you think 🙂 I’d love to visit New York on my Honeymoon or maybe Japan, New Zealand or Hawaii? There are too many options to choose from!


    1. I feel you, Justine! We had like 30 options on our list. All your options sound amazing too! 😍 We found out that if we save the option list we have next ten years of wedding anniversary trips set. 😂


  3. Congrats on your upcoming honeymoon. I would love to go to Japan. Can’t wait to hear all about the things you see. I want to go to Bali or to Fiji


    1. Thank you, Dani! I cannot wait to see all those wonderful places and share my experiences with you, stay tuned! 😄


  4. Ooooh, congrats!! Those places look stunningly beautiful~ I’ve always wanted to go to Japan with a special someone (which I know will arrive for like 5 years after, ’cause I’m still so young), but my dream honeymoon vacation is Paris! ❤

    xx Aica B.


    1. Paris sure is a beautiful city too! It’s a nice combination of culture, romantic places and good food. So, sounds like an excellent choice! I hope you can explore it one day, Aica! ❤️


    1. Thank you for your kinda words, Farah! 🙂 I’m super happy to marry my wonderful fiancé and it’s been a great joy for us to plan the wedding and our honeymoon. ❤️


    1. Thank you Anthony! I’m happy to hear that 😄 I’m sure it’s going be wonderful experience full of things to share in here!


    1. Well, we love exploring different places and I think that Singapore looks very nice! I have actually always dreamed of going to couple luxurious hotels there and honeymoon is a good explanation to go! Cannot wait! ❤️😄


  5. Your honeymoon sounds fantastic :)! Congratulations!

    I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by Japan, because it is just an amazing country. From this list I’d like to visit Zurich and Singapore, because I view both of them as luxurious cities, so they would be perfect for us :). Singapore especially has been on my mind for years now, but we still haven’t managed to go there.


    1. Thanks Jerry! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to having a luxurious month exploring Zürich and Asia. This is my first time in Asia. I’ve heard mostly positive things about Singapore, so I’m sure it’s worth visiting. Japan has also been in my to go list for years. 🙂


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