Congrats Finland 100 Years!

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Today Finland is turning 100. We had a little celebration with my fiance’s family last weekend. We had a four course dinner, some hanging out, couple speeches, some photos as a slide show. And finally a finish flag cake I baked with some coffee.


Our dinner included:

1. Green salad

2. Finnish forrest mushroom soup

3. Finnish salmon with some garlic potatoes and veggies

4. Blueberry white chocolate dessert (I forgot to take a photo of this)






The cake I did is a sponge cake filled with blueberry jam, white chocolate whip and blueberry whip. The cake was topped with white chocolate whip, white chocolate and some blueberries. Quite sweet but yummy. Have you guys baked something lately?


Today it’s Independence Day and our plan is mostly just chilling out and studying and probably doing something fun together with my fiancé. I’ll still have two more exams before Christmas so I think I still have a lot to study.



Above: the cake I baked and some Finland themed flowers and candles. Sorry for the quality of photos! Photographing with a phone under candle light isn’t the easiest task.


In Finland Independence Day is a public holiday that is usually about watching president castle’s Independence Day party (you must know who had the best outfits haha!) and eating and chilling with nearest family members or friends.


A bit different than it was in the US. In the US it was all about fireworks, bonfires and fun with friends! Anyhow, because we’re turning 100 this year there will be some fireworks and bigger celebrations in some cities.


How is Independence Day celebrated in your country? What do you like to do the most then?


  1. That looks yummy! I would love to try the mushroom soup. Congrats to Finland, 100 years! I just visited Helsinki by the way, amazing city!


  2. Congratulations and Happy Independence Day to your country, 100 years. The menus, all looks great and yummy. Specially the cake looks so beautiful and delicious.
    XO Kintan


    1. Thank you, Kintan! I’m clad you liked the menu and the cake – I only wish you could have tasted, it ended up real delicious! xo


  3. Happy Birthday, Finland! Sounds like you had a wonderful day celebrating and that cake is to die for. I’m really hoping to do a little baking this weekend. I want to make gingerbread cookies!


  4. I don’t blame you for forgetting to take a picture of the dessert – I probably would’ve done the same because it’s my favourite meal! Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family!


  5. Happy Finland Independence Day!!! I am sure you had a wonderful time and enjoyed your dinner which by the way, looks so delicious! I love the Finnish salmon!


    1. I’m happy to hear you liked the post! I’m trying to do more than just travel posts in future too. My life is quite crowded but it should get a bit easier 2018! 🙂


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