How to Book Flights for a Multi-Destination Trip Like a Honeymoon?

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Planning a honeymoon with multiple destinations? Go for that! What could be better than explore the whole globe with your soulmate? This post includes my 5 top tips for booking the flights for the multi destination trip of your dreams. With these tips I was able to save hundreds per person in flights with our honeymoon flights!


If you have an year to travel you can probably go around the globe and visit every continent. But what if you have less time?


During honeymoon it’s good to spend some time in the destinations too, not only in a plane, a taxi or another vehicles.


Our rule of thumb is 1 week per destination. I was at first thinking of 8 destinations in 4 weeks but to honest that’s not possible (except if the locations are within hour or two from each other).




5 Best Tips for Booking Flights to a Multi-Destination Honeymoon


1. Choose where you would like to go, then search for flights between those destinations


Usually it’s wiser to do a loop than fly back and forth. Also, oneway flights might sometimes be more expensive, so try plenty of routes before booking.



2. Try changing the order and the dates and see if there is faster and/or cheaper options available


Some flight routes might not be flied every day. Also, there might be better and faster options in higher peak season (but these are usually more expensive). On the other hand you might find out something surprising – for example I found out that flying one way Helsinki-Singapore costs same around 530€ that Zürich-Singapore-Zürich costs. Obviously we took the second option.



3. Use multiple sites to search for the best prices (if you need luggage make sure that it’s included!)


I used, and These sites are good because they are compering different companies and sites, usually if I try other sites I still find the best prices in some of these. Kilroy is good for Finnish students and young people because they sell prices with discounts.



4. Consider other traveling options too


Do some Googling about your destination. Sometimes flying isn’t the only or the best option. For example in the US renting a car might be a great idea that allows you to see and explore more. Also, in Japan there is fast and efficient train system which we’re going to use inside the country. No waiting at the airports, yeah!



5. When you have found good routes with valuable price book all the flights at once


When you start booking, book everything. Sometimes prices might vary (and flights can get more expensive), additionally some routes might get sold out. If you’re not in a hurry, you might wanna take a risk and see if the prices will get better. However, I wouldn’t recommend that if you already have a good price.




Where would / will you go for a honeymoon? Do you have any additional tips for booking multi destination flights?


    1. Yes, I do! Skyscanner is great. I always use multiple sites for comparisons before booking anything. I want to make sure I get the best possible value for my money. 🙂


      1. I’m glad that you shared them 🙂 we’re still planning our honeymoon (1 month – NYC/FL/CA/Hawaii) so this will be handy when we manage to get there 😀


    1. Oh wow! I’d love to go driving highway 1 too! For us the US wasn’t an option because we’re planning to move there later so I think we can do that when we’re owning a car there. 🙂

      I hope you can achieve that dream one day! California is such a gorgeous place to visit.


    1. Yes it can! Especially when moving shorter distances. We’ll be using boat and train in our honeymoon for three reasons: 1) saving money, 2) saving time and 3) experience. 🙂


  1. Awesome tips! Have you ever watched the channel Kara and Nate on YouTube? They have some great recommendations on this subject (they are visiting 100 countries mostly by flying).


    1. Oh wow! I actually haven’t I must check their channel out, thanks for the recommendation Beth! It would be a dream to able to travel that much. … Or even 100 a year. 🙂


  2. Lovely and informative post. I prefer road tripping to flying (driving across Europe). And yes, you are spot on with planning. It is very important to plan and research about the place one is heading to. Unfortunately I am rubbish when it comes to that….lol


    1. You sure can learn to do the planning! Also, you can probably delegate it to your buddies if you’re traveling with someone. 🙂 For me, I usually travel with my fiancé and then I’m in charge of planning everything except our meals – he’s superb at finding good restaurants. However, when I travel with friends I sometimes let them do the planning if they want. You don’t always have to it all by yourself. Happy travel, Adetunji!


  3. I really love reading about these multi destination holiday trips, seeing all these awesome photos of stunning places. If I had loads and loads of money and could afford a butler or so, I would certainly do such a trip. But packing all my stuff again and again , myself ? …during holiday? Nope, I would be too lazy to do that. But part from that, your tips are great! Surely helpful for people considering stressful honeymoon 😉 I want to get somewhere and drop all and everything. And then move as little as possible 😉


    1. Do you know what, Klaudia? I hate packing too! My solution is that I always pack couple hours before leaving (oops!) and I always travel with carrier only so that the amount of staff is somewhat manageable. 🙂 Even to our honeymoon we’ve booked flights with carries only – saves money and makes packing easier during the trip. Probably we have to either use some laundry service or buy new clothes but I believe it’s worth it. I could never go around with huge suitcases haha! 😂


  4. Paris is probably my top destination for a honeymoon as it is my favorite city to visit. I really like sky scanner to find good rates I think you gave some really great suggestions on how you can go to multiple destinations when booking your flight.


    1. I’m happy to hear that you liked the post Danie! Paris sure is an amazing and romantic city with plenty of things to see (and their food is super delicious!). We just visited Paris during summer thus we’re not going there but otherwise it would sure have been one of the options on our list too! 🙂


  5. If I get married again I am not sure where I will go. I guess it will depend on who I get married to. I know that I plan on taking as much time as possible and just enjoying my partner.


    1. That’s a great plan David! Any place can be nice if you’re there with your loved one. 🙂 And of course, it’s good to plan with your partner. For us that was easy because we’ve been traveling much together last couple years and we both wanted to see some new places which meant Asia where neither of us have been earlier.


  6. Trying multiple commuting options. This has proven cheaper for me. I have tried only skyscanner. Planning to check out other websites also that you have mentioned.


    1. What a great tip, Sindhura! If you’re traveling with a budget it sure is wise to compare options for accommodation. We’ve been staying in AirBNBs, couch surfing in friends’ places, hotels and hostels. Sometimes we value comfiness over price but comparison sure is a good idea anyway. 🙂


    1. Oh wow! Sounds superb! We’ll probably use the trains quite much in Japan next summer too. I heard from my friend that Apple’s maps app for iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch worked great there and helped a lot when traveling around with trains and undergrounds. 🙂


  7. Top tips – I would also add to clear your cache (or use incognito browsing) while changing dates and destinations – websites will know you’re looking (cookies, trails etc) and the prices will jack up. I know it sounds scifi madness but it’s true, trust.
    Katja xxx


    1. Yes! That’s a good tip, Katja! I usually go sneaky and google with different devices – my personal and work laptops and my fiancees laptop to make sure we’re getting the best price. I’ve also noticed that if you search flights daytime at the beginning of week prices tend to be lower than they are during nighttime on weekends and Fridays. xx


  8. Some great tips here. Another tip that I learnt when I worked for an airline was the cheapest day of the week to travel was a Tuesday.


  9. This is really useful. Great post dear Nora. Khm I think about that all the time even though I am still not married. 😀 But I would love to go somewhere by the sea… Actually, I can be wherever as long as I am with my boyfriend, happy and in love. 🙂


    1. Yes, good company is the most important thing in honeymoon but of course it’s a big plus if you also love the location! 🙂


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