Wedding Planning Update: 10 Months to the Wedding

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As the most you might know, we’re getting married next summer (summer 2018). At the moment there are about 10 months to the day. Earlier I wrote a to do list of things to do before the wedding, you can find it here .


Wedding Planning Update: 10 Months to the Wedding


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11 pounds lost already! 🙂


So What’s Already Done:

  • We have booked the reception. We’ll get all foods, drinks, decoration and some other things from here
  • We have booked the church
  • I have chosen the bridesmaid + we have chosen her dress
  • We have booked honeymoon flights and done some planning, the first two hotels are already booked (I’ll write a separate post about the honeymoon but I can already tell it’s gonna be 4 countries – 1 in Europe and 3 in Asia! 🙂 )
  • I’ve lost 11 pounds (5.5kg) after January, 9 (4.5kg) more to go
  • Booked the photographer for the day and for pre-wedding shots.
  • We’ve been looking for the ring, however, we’re thinking that probably we’ll just go with our engagement rings
  • I’ve talked to my hairdresser about the day, not booked yet but I hope she’ll do my hair for the wedding



One of the honeymoon locations, do you know which city is this? 🙂


To Do for the Next Couple Months

  • Book hotels for the honeymoon
  • Do some general planning about the wedding and the honeymoon
  • Start working on playlist and music
  • Get him bestman / bestmen
  • Find hairdresser and makeup artist for me and the bridesmaid
  • Find the dress for me
  • Save the Dates (if we do those)
  • Decide the guest list and think about who should be coming to the bachelorette party
  • We have to start working with a layer to do the marriage settlement
  • Schedule pre-wedding photo shoot
  • Plan and send invitations


  1. Aww, exciting times ahead! I am now already looking forward to your wedding post, your outfit , the location, the menu your honeymoon…all of it! I love weddings, ironically never made it to my own one (lol) You are really doing great, losing 11 pounds is amazing! Make sure , you’re going to keep it of 😉


    1. Thanks for a nice comment Klaudia! 😊 I’ve already planned a post about our honeymoon locations so think something about honeymoon will be blogged soon. It’s funny that my fiancé was actually more excited about the wedding at the beginning but I’m finally starting to get excited about all the planning and having a day as a princess. 👸 There will sure be plenty of posts about all the planning and finally about the day and our honeymoon. Make sure you follow and keep following so you won’t miss any of those. 😉


      1. We’re still saving money for that 😄 We didn’t ask anything more as a gift than people to be there as we’re a bit different and we don’t want to come across as greedy. But people still gave us some money but not enough for the honeymoon we planned😄


      2. Well, I’m sure you can have a wonderful honeymoon together at some point. 😃 Wedding and honeymoon sure are super expensive. We started saving 1 year ago and we should have everything saved just before the day – so it’s saving for 2 years just for one day and 4 weeks honeymoon. Quite crazy but I hope it’s worth it.


    1. Thank you, darling! 🙂 It sure is a lot of work (we started all the planning 24 months in prior haha) but I hope it’s worth all it. The first posts about honeymoon planning should be blogged soon – and of course, I’ll share the whole experience with you after the honeymoon so stay tuned, Tadeja! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Amy! 🙂 I wish I’ll look stunning in the dress next summer. And yeah, it’s a lot of planning. I believe good planning makes the day and honeymoon better. ❤


    1. Thanks Michelle! I hope it will an amazing day and even better honeymoon after that. But yes, it’s a whole bunch of work and a lot money for just one day + honeymoon.


    1. Yeah! That’s exactly what I’m hoping – that we could get it all done couple months in prior and then we could be well-rested and happy when the day comes. 🙂


    1. Thank you darling! I’m super excited to get married with my awesome fiancée and then to spend the honeymoon with him. ❤


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