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After living couple years with my fiancé in our perfect little home it feels quite weird to have my own apartment / room again. I’m living about 50-50 in this cute place of mine and the rest in our shared home. I’ve now lived here for four weeks. I will be staying here only during the semesters.


I haven’t shared photos of our home because it’s mostly decorated by my fiance because I just moved into his place haha. It’s cozy but not my style at all. However, the room which’s photos I’ll share today is nice and can probably help some of you when decorating your student apartments.


So, today I’ll share my room that is more my style – light colors, Scandinavian style, simple shapes and some cute elements. Probably I would not have shopped everything from Ikea if this would be my actual home but anyhow the style would be very similar.




 Items I have in this room:


1. A White Desk

For working and studying 🙂



2. Fitball as a Chair

I have always found those cute so I had to get one. I used to have one in my childhood home and I’m happy I have my own again. It’s good for exercising and makes siting less passive.



3. 2 mattresses for sleeping

Probably you’re telling that’s not a bed. But well, I’m not sure if I’ll live in this room for more or less time (the place is in 45 minutes walk from university so I’d like to move closer because I’m not having a car or a bike at the moment).




4. A little freezer

We have a shared kitchen with a fridge but no freezer so I decided to have my own.



5. Some nice details: lamps, flag, etc.

I found a cute round lamp, a small daylight lamp to keep me energized and an US flag making sure I remember where I wanna go from here. 🙂




All the items (except the flag) where bought for this room. In total all the items cost around 600€ ($650). Most of the items are shopped from Ikea. I think the outcome compered to price is quite nice. 🙂



What kind of design you prefer in your room or apartment?


    1. Thank you, Jade! I have fallen in love with it too. 🙂 Yes, I’ve settled into my room nicely though I’m always missing my fiance and our poodle a bit there. Thanks for your nice comment darling!


    1. Yes! My goal was to make it my own spot for calm moments with studies and for sleeping. I’m happy you can see my vision, Stacey! xx


    1. Thanks Tadeja! I know it’s quite minimalistic but it’s exactly what you said – all that’s needed for studies. 🙂 Our another home is cozy and nice “happy place”, this one is just a calm studying spot for couple days of a week. xx


  1. It’s a very large room for a student for sure, hope you’ll have a good time in it. Love the light colors.
    I like both classic and shabby chic styles when comes about decorating. I’m kind of old fashioned I guess.


  2. It’s a cute and so beautiful student room! I love the white details which make the space look bigger. I am sure you ll have a wonderful cozy and warm place to study and to rest. Enjoy your time Nora!


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