Life Update: Busy Student Life

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Where did last three weeks disappear? It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been studying almost a month.

For example this week I’ve been in university for 30 hours, walked between my second apartment and uni for 8 hours (haha full day walking but well, good exercise and nice way to save money). I’ll also work for 20 hours, sit in bus for around 10.5 hours (check the photo on top haha, one more night in a bus, luckily there was nobody sitting in front my so I was able to take that funny pic) + of course do some studying and exercising. Yep, even I call this quite busy.


Above: this is how I spend most afternoon nowadays, super fun and interesting!

Somehow I though managed to do some honeymoon planning (we have finally decide the destinations, which will be Zürich+Singapore+Bali+Japan). But to be honest there wasn’t too much time for writing this blog and taking and editing photos. I have not either had much time for my book project.

Next week will actually be even busier than this one what comes to school (btw I’ll be doing an 8-hour-shift in plastic surgery clinic and I’m super excited!). After next week I should have more time for writing and other stuff. I’m already missing you guys.


Above: After two years of paying 10-20€ for a lunch it’s crazy that in uni all that food is around 2-3€, I could definitely get used to this. It’s funny how you start valuing student lunches after not having those.

I’m planning to share stories and photos from our summer roadtrip, some photos of my 2nd apartment (which actually is a student room haha) and tell you a little bit more about our honeymoon planning.


And finally, here is our (already 4.5 months) old pupper. Loving this guy, I’m so happy to get to play with him today night when being back in Espoo. ❤

Have a great weekend all! I’d love to hear how are you guys doing? Anyone else busy with the beginning of academic year?


    1. I’ve actually been sleeping around 7-9 hours every night. But there isn’t much spare time though. The puppy is miniature poodle. I’ll give him extra hugs and kisses from you. 🙂 Poodles are adorable furballs!


    1. Haha probably 😂 But idk, my iPhone seems to be running in 24 hours a day schedule. So probably only the first one haha


  1. Wow, what a super busy week/month! I’m an university student too so I can understand the busy schedule and having no time to blog or basically do anything else.


    1. Yes it is! And sometimes you just have to prioritize studies first even if you would love to do other things too. Thanks for the comment, I hope you have a great (and a bit less busy) fall with your studies! 🙂


  2. Ah I hope you won’t burn out! Though, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the beginning of your school 🙂 sounds like you’ve had a lot in your schedule, I hope it eases for you soon 🙂


    1. Yeah, it’s been busy but cool time. It will get a bit easier after next week and significantly easier after December. 🙂 And the fact that I have wedding and honeymoon coming next summer also helps. When it’s hard I know there will be good things and easier times ahead too.


    1. I know! I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to become a plastic surgeon and this will be my fist time exploring a clinic of plastics. 🙂


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m trying to sleep well, eat healthy and take some time for my fiancée and our puppy too. I hope you can also take some time for the things you love! 🙂


  3. I’m going through the same thing too!
    I’m moving to UK for my post-grad in less than two weeks and I have been doing a lot of running around, with a fair amount of panicking. 😛

    I have to say that your little pupper is extremely adorable! ❤


    1. Oh wow, sounds busy! I hope you get everything done soon and will be able to settle and relax too. 🙂 And thanks, he’s such a cutie pie! 😍


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