BLOG: New Hair – From Dark Brown to a Perfect Ombré with Stripes / Before & After

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You know that it is not good for your hair to use bleach and heat on them too often but you just keep doing it. However, there is an option to complete bleach – get stripes. And not those horrible 90s style stripes but plenty of super thin stripes that will save some hair but keep you gorgeously blonde!


After 2 years of being blonde I decided to get an ombre so that I can let my hair to grow and get healthier. This week I went a little further and took only stripes to maintain my blonde look.


Below you can see some photos of my hair:



Above: Before (eating ice cream in the Austrian Alps couple weeks ago)



Above: Doing my new look too quite a lot of foil and three hours of work



Above: After, the gorgeous hair-friendly blonde look


With stripes your hair will be a lot healthier, more shiny, etc. So, give it a try sometimes if you’re as addicted to bleaching your hair as I am. 🙂

What do you think about the new look guys?


Being blonde is great but being blonde with healthy hair is even better!


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