Back in Business After a Month Full of Travel

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Hello guys, if you’ve been wondering where have I been here is the answer: I’ve been going all around the Europe with my spouse and a car. I’ll be telling more about our travels with reviews, stories, budgets, etc. soon.

I’m also trying to go through all my blog related emails next week. So, if you have tried to email me, don’t worry your mail probably isn’t lost I just have been busy with all the photoshooting, exploring and driving. Last month was an amazing adventure but I’m still happy to be back in business with blog. 🙂

This time I’ll share with you couple of maps, these are all the places in the US and Europe I have lived in / visited / had a short visit. Next winter we’ll explore a bit more Europe and then it’s time for Asia, I’m really looking forward to all those upcoming adventures!




Maps are from google, I just added the colors and descriptions.


How are you guys doing? I hope you’ve had amazing July! 🙂


    1. Thank you Shelby! It sure was a great experience and I’m very happy that was able to see all those amazing places. 🙂

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