Big News: Back to School

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Yep, you read it right! After two years of focusing 80% on working and a bit on school, I’ll be carrying on as a full-time student beginning from this fall. Of course, I’ll still be working (I’ve been working since I was 13 thus I cannot imagine quitting haha!).


Even though I already thought that I won’t carry on with the med, I have decided to give it a final try. That’s because of many reasons: a) I’ve never had any real patients (because in Finland first two years are only premed), b) I realized that the company I work for could not offer me positions I want right now (I got a job offer from abroad but it wasn’t exactly what I was waiting for and I think I can get something better if I have done my med and my economics).


I’m not quite sure should I be more excited or kind of terrified to move partly back to that small town where I study. And I’m sure that all the traveling back-and-forth will be hard but maybe I can handle it. I mean – I’ll be 2-5 days a week there and the rest here.


Couple weeks ago I got a room from there and I’ll be moving in about a month. However, we will be having the second apartment in Espoo and I’ll be carrying on my work here. It will be plenty of traveling but I guess that it’s worth it though.


Compared to the US you have to be a lot present at the University in Finland at least if you’re studying medicine. Thus I’ll be working mostly on the weekends and during the holidays. And those holidays are great by the way – we have like one-third of the year off. I’m super happy that I got to keep my job irrespective of the study factor. My job is a lot of responsibilities but I still like it a lot


I hope there will be some time left for the blog too. I’m trying to stick to my three to five times a week schedule but let’s see what happens.


I’ll be studying for approximately three and half years more. And then I should graduate to a licensed doctor in Finland (33% done now). I’ll also do the bachelor of business, BBA (50% done now), and probably I can make up American M.D. simultaneously. I’m super excited even though I know it’s gonna be a very very busy life from now on. So wish me luck guys!


Anyone else going back to school soon? Are you excited?

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