Wedding Planning Timeline from 12 Months before to the Honeymoon

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This post includes a great 12 months to do list from 11 months before wedding to 1 month after honeymoon. With this list you can stay and track when planning a perfect wedding with not too much stress. You might want to add some things and remove others but this is how we’ll be doing our planning.

I promised to share some of our wedding planning here in blog. In case you don’t yet know, we have got engaged July 2016 and we’ll be having our wedding on summer 2018. 🙂


Wedding Planning Timeline from 12 Months before to the Honeymoon




Already done

– booked reception (book this as soon as you know the date!)

– booked the church and officiant (book this as soon as you know the date!)

– engagement party, learn more about ours: planning, my outfit, the day


Already on progress

– get that super fit body (already lost -10lb January-June, 10 more to go before December)



– save the dates, ask people if they can or cannot come next summer

– start booking flights and accommodations for the honeymoon

– book photographer

– start looking for the perfect place where to order my wedding ring (maybe engravings?)

– choose bride maid(s) and best man/best men

– do some general planning: schedules, theme, etc.

– if you’re not a member of any church book the registry office, you can still get a short ceremony in church in most countries



– start working on playlist and music



– order and send the invitations

– find the dress

– find a hairdresser, makeup artist and nail technician

– start looking for accessories (shoes, bag, veil, jewellery, etc.)

– also, decide what he is wearing

– plan the marriage settlement if you’re going to do that



– decide menus and cake

– pick up the wedding ring

– plan & order flowers and bouquets



– tell the final number of people to the reception, also let them know possible dietary restrictions guests have

– final seating chart to the reception

– pay at least 75% of the reception

– pack for the honeymoon

– do some last honeymoon planning

– choose and book the car



– pick up dress, ring, car, etc.

– enjoy the wedding

– honeymoon

– pay the rest of the reception

– arrange transport for possible gifts and return for rented things


August (post honeymoon)

– thank you notes



For me this kind of to do lists and schedules are super helpful so that I’ll remember to do everything. I hope you find my list helpful too! If yes, you can Pin this post to Pinterest or save the link so that you can get back to this during your planning process. I’ll be sharing more information about how our planning is going during the year so remember to follow. 🙂

Ps. if you’re planning the honeymoon already but lacking ideas, check out my post about our honeymoon dream destinations! The post itself has plenty of ideas and people have brought in some more great ones in comments of that post.

Are you planning a wedding? How do you manage to stay on track with schedules?


    1. Thank you so much Joy! I must admit that my future husband sure did an excellent choise with the ring! ❤


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