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I think I can finally tell you guys a little more about our upcoming road trip to Europe. We’ll be starting in less than a month from here with a huge bunch of plans. As I have told you earlier I’m working with a smoothie related book idea and we’ll be doing some shooting for it while traveling. I’m super excited!


I have mostly planned the places we’ll visit but in case you have tips or must sees to recommend, feel free to leave a comment or email me. For safety reasons, I won’t be telling exact days or route here before we have done this trip.



Above: Paris April 2016



The Countries and Cities We’re Planning to Visit are (alphabetically):


– Amsterdam, Holland

– Basel, Switzerland

– Copenhagen, Denmark

– Hamburg, Germany

– Jurmala, Latvia

– Malmö, Sweden

– München, Germany

– Paris, France

– Prague, Czech

– Riga, Latvia

– Stockholm, Sweden

– Tallinn, Estonia

– Vilnius, Lithuania

– Warsaw, Poland

– Wien, Austria

– Zurich, Switzerland


That makes in total 16 cities and 12 countries. From this list I have previously visited only Stockholm, Paris and Tallinn, it feels unbelievable that after this summer I have seen over 10 new big European cities and 12 completely new countries!



Above: Tallinn June 2015



What I’m Waiting the Most to See?

1. Rhine Falls in Switzerland


There seems to be gorgeous huge waterfalls only about an hour from Zurich. I definitely want to see these! We don’t have any waterfalls in Finland and I fall totally in love with those in Madeira couple years ago.



2. Park Planten un Blomen in Hamburg, Germany


I was googling for the best places to have a picnic in Germany and found this beautiful park. I really want to see all those flowers, greens and little lakes and cafes there!



3. Paris, France


The last time I was in Paris was 2015 April. It wasn’t summertime quite yet and Paris wasn’t very beautiful then. Additionally, I was sick 90% of my four day holiday there so I wish that I’ll see some more beautiful Paris this time!



4. Malmö, Sweden


A friend of mine used to live here and she told that Malmö is very nice and beautiful place even more beautiful than Stockholm in her opinion. I cannot wait to see if this place is really worth of all that hype!



5. Jurmala Beach, Latvia


I love beaches. I could spend a couple of weeks in Miami Beach again anytime. But well, we’re not going to Miami this time so I wanted to find at least one nice beach to visit. Jurmala Beach has tens of kilometers / miles of beach. I am sure that nice day chilling at the beach is well needed after driving around for hours daily.




Above: Stockholm April 2017



Questions for You


Have you visited any of those places we’ll be visiting? Where?


What would you love to see if visiting those places during summertime?


  1. Sounds like an awesome road trip! From what I understood your going through Sweden towards Denmark and return Via Baltica…or the other way around.

    Unfortunately I don’t have much recommendations for this trip. Maybe try to avoid going the straight road from Stockholm to Malmö because that it utterly boring. Take the coastal route instead if you can.


  2. Hi, if you plan to visit Rheinfalls, make sure to visit its closest town Schaffhausen (and its old castle with lovely view over the town and border). Not far from there is a beautiful town of Stein am Rhein that would be worth of a visit to admire its beautiful houses.

    In Switzerland I would not forget the gorgeous mountains and lakes. Around an hour from Zurich is eg charming Thun from where we took a boat to Spietz. From Zurich you can e.g visit mountain Rigi (if weather is good).

    When I have been to Munich I have visited Garmisch Partenkirchen ad well and a lovely village of Mittenwald close to Austian border. From both places you can go up to the mountains as well. In Germany and Bayern, if you travel by train, take the advantage of Bayern Ticket. You can travel by it even to Salzburg.


    1. Thank you for your comment and excellent tips Tiina! Schaffhausen sounds great and it seems to be less than 10minutes from Rhine Falls by car.

      I have to google those lakes and mountains of Switzerland! That country seems to be plenty of beautiful places. 🙂


  3. Sounds like an amazing road trip! I’ve visited a few of your planned stops and I have to say Munich is my favourite out of your list. I love southern Germany in general and Munich is a lovely, lively city. If you have time, I’d drive through Ingolstadt to Nürnberg as well 🙂


    1. Hi Fia! Thank you for your tips and recommendations. 🙂 I’m super excited to see all those places on the list soon!


  4. From your list I’ve visited only in Stockholm & Tallinn 🙂 you know, I’m expecting to see loads of blog posts about your trip 😉 so exciting!


  5. I have been to the park in Hamburg, I loved it! So nice that you’re traveling once more. I wish you all the pleasure! Don’t forget to eat a ‘stroopwafel’ in Amsterdam or a ‘patatje met joppiesaus’. Pop into Hema. This is a very simple store that I miss from the Netherlands. You can find the best ‘tompoes’ there! A very cheap and sweet pink treat! Lots of fun!


    1. Thanks for the tips Sabine! 🙂 I had to Google all those foods and treats you mentioned so that I will recognize them when I see them!


    1. Well, if I could choose I’d rather explore Australia like you than Europe but flying there is superduper expensive from here! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment Katja! Actually, we’re wondering should we drive through it. What are your favorite to-dos in Brussels?


  6. Sounds like an amazing trip! I would love to visit every place in your list! Paris is always my favorite city in the world and i always love to know all the news about this city. So, i would recommend you to visit the new Louis Vuitton museum, Fondation Louis Vuitton!


    1. That museum sounds very interesting and I’ve heard the building itself is gorgeous too. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation, Helene!


    1. I’ve been there once and the city sure is beautiful and full of things to do. And food, yum! Especially their breakfast were delicious! 🙂 I wish you can visit Paris one day!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Phaytea! We’ll sure create some wonderful memories and share some of them with you guys here in the blog. 🙂


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