8 Must Have Items Before Adopting a Puppy

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Adopting a puppy is exciting and fun. However, there is plenty of things you have to shop in prior. Have you ever wondered what you must have before taking the new puppy home? This post makes sure you won’t forget anything important! I’ll also share how much those must have items cost us.



8 Must Have Items Before Adopting a Puppy

1. Puppy Food




Obviously, you’ll need some food for the new puppy. You can ask your dog’s breeder what does he recommend you buying. However, it should be food planned for puppies to make sure that the little dog is getting all required nutrients it need to grow happy and healthy.



2. Bowls for Food and Water




You need to put the food somewhere, right? So take some bowls you can use for feeding the puppy and offering it some water. We wanted something simple and machine washable. If you’re taking a puppy that will grow big and strong, you might want some heavier ceramic bowls.



3. Some training snacks




Different kinds of snacks and treats are good for training the puppy some tricks and basic skills, like walking nicely on a leash, sitting, etc. We took a couple of different ones so that we can figure out what the puppy finds the most motivating.



4. Collar and a Leash




These are musts because you don’t want your puppy to run away. We took ones that are made of leather because it is long lasting and quite comfy. If you don’t want leather ones you can also find good collars and leashes made of different kinds of canvas materials.


When buying a collar, remember that the puppy’s neck is really small at the beginning. You might want to ask measurements or tips from the breeder of your dog.



5. Poop bags




Poop bags are mandatory if you live in an urban area. Leaving the poo laying around is a) not allowed, b) disgusting and c) might be a health risk for other animals. Thus you don’t want to be the owner doing that. Buy those poop bags and keep the environment nice, clean and safe. Thank you.



6. Puppy Bed and a Comfy Blanket




Obviously, the puppy needs its own comfy place where to rest and sleep. Choose a bed that fits the size of your dog (and your home decor haha). You might also want to have a blanket or couple to keep the dog warm and comfy.



7. Some Toys and Activity Toys




You don’t want the puppy to be bored because when the dog gets bored it might start chewing your furniture and doing other unwanted activities. To prevent that from happening you should get the puppy some safe things to chew, some activity toys and maybe some balls it can learn to bring to you.



8. Combs, Brushes, Nail Scissors, Etc.




You’ll need some of these with every breed (at least the dog nail scissors). Some breeds, like poodles, also require a trim machine or regular professional trimming.




How Much All the Items You Need Before Getting a Dog Cost?



For us, all the must-haves mentioned above cost 270€ ($300). Additionally, we bought the dog a carry on bag for 60€ ($70), a trim machine that’s a must with a poodle for 130€ ($150), a gate for 12€ ($15) and a tick collar for 30€ ($35).



Above: carrier bag for the puppy


Additionally, you should be prepared to pay for an insurance for the dog (usually around 100-300€ per year here in Finland), some mandatory vaccinations and dewormings. You also might want to have some extra money if you want to start a new hobby like dog shows or agility with your new dog.




Are you planning to take a dog or do you have one? Would you like to add something to my list?

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