OOTD: Gant Sweater Chill Out Look

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This outfit is very relaxed and it’s perfect for a walk out when there is coldish spring day. The summer is almost here but remember to wear enough clothes when it isn’t that warm out. Sweaters and layers are great to keep you warm but they’re also quite easy to take off if it becomes warmer.


HakaniemiGantChillOOTD4 kopio


Gant Sweater


At the moment all kinds of statement prints are in. Today my statement says Gant USA haha! I found this Gant sweater from an outlet in Lisbon last summer and I’ve been totally in love with it since. This one is actually from men’s wear section but it’s cozy and warm, and it actually looks quite good on me. Plus gray is easy to pair with other clothes.


HakaniemiGantChillOOTD3 kopio


Zara Pants


The pants are from Zara. I love their navy blue color and simple design. Zara basics is one of my favorite low-end brands – they have such lovely pants and shirts that are easy to pair together or with higher-end clothes.


These pants are over a year old and I’ve using them a lot and stay still hang on there with me. And they cost under 30€ ($33), thus I think the quality compered to price of these pants is excellent. Zara tends to have varying quality in general but the basics collection has mostly been very high quality in my opinion.


HakaniemiGantChillOOTD5 kopio


Puma Shoes


I’m also wearing my cute old Puma shoes which I found in the US. They are superb for walking and look cute in this kind of Sunday looks. I would love to wear only heels and boots and always looks super-duper trendy but I don’t believe that’s actually possible (not for me at least). I thought this is sometimes good to mention in blogs and show the Sunday chill out looks too so that you don’t think I’m always walking with some of those gorgeous heels I love to wear for my outfit shots.


Usually when I take outfit shots those are for parties, fast shopping trips, etc. to which we always go by car. Thus I don’t actually walk very much with heels. Okay, sometimes those shopping trips might end up to 10 hours in heels but it’s not the most common case in my life. Sometimes I’ve been wondering if those blogger girls who always have pumps or other kind of high heels in every photo actually walk everywhere with those? Do you?


HakaniemiGantChillOOTD1 kopio




Apple Watch


Do outfits without Apple Watch exist? I don’t think so, haha! I’m always wearing my Apple Watch when I’m awake. I love how it gives me all the notifications, shows time and tracks my activity. It’s just too addicting for people like me who love social media and being active. The Apple Watch I’m wearing for this look is Apple Watch Series 2 38mm with Gold Case and Concrete Sport Band.


D&G Sunglasses


Do you have some accessories you have owned like forever and you still love wearing them even if they’re not very fashionable anymore? Well, these sunglasses are one of those pieces for me. I bought these Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses when I was 19, which is back in the year 2012 when I graduated from high school. These were my graduation gift for myself. They are kind of timeless and quite of out but I still love wearing them time to time.




I don’t actually know the brand of this scarf but it has a nature-inspired print, which are very fashionable at the moment. It’s also black and white that makes it pair nicely with the rest of look. Scarfs are great to keep your throat warm btw. I love wearing them when it’s windy outdoors.


HakaniemiGantChillOOTD3b kopio


How does your Sunday style look like? Could you wear some of the pieces of this look?


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