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One more award to Dreamer Achiever! Thank you so much, Thomas from Thomas’s Wonderland for nominating me for the versatile blogger award. I got this award for the first time and I’m super excited.





  1. Thank the bloggers on the occasion of the nomination by writing this article
  2. Nominate up to 15 bloggers and inform them about the nomination
  3. Share seven facts about yourself
  4. Publish the image of the award, as well as the rules.






Seven Facts about Myself (H1)

1. My hair is naturally curly but I never keep it that way


… because having naturally curly hair isn’t what you think or even dream of. You never know how the hair looks when you woke up. It’s never Hollywood curls though. It might be 50% curly and 50% straight. Or just really weird looking in some other way.


So, for you my straight-haired readers even with curly hair I must do the curls with iron if I want to have nice curls. And also, if I want them straight it’s some iron work again – and if it’s raining the hair might turn up messy looking much easier than naturally straight.



2. I’ve lived about a year in the United States but I’ve never visited west coast


When I went to the US for the first time I didn’t have much expectations I flew where everyone else flew and explored quite random things. However, the second time I had decided to see NYC and California.


I’ve been in NYC for about 5 weeks in total but I’ve never been in Cali or the west coast in general. If there would be valuably priced tickets and some extra time available, I’d love to go!



3. I love taking photos of walls and textures


I guess you all know that I love photos. Watching them, taking them and editing them. But did you know that I am not actually that interested in taking photos of people, events or other lifestyle stuff? I do those as well but I take a lot of other kinds of photos too.


My more normal photography passions are food and nature photography but I also love taking photos of different textures. I find it very interesting to shoot things like walls, ceilings, stones, etc. so that you can only see the texture not the subject.



4. What comes to photography I was known from my weird subjects in the high school too


One good example of that was when my teacher asked to take photos with a theme “My Helsinki”. Others shot places important to them or something beautiful.


At that time there was construction work going on in all the main streets and some big museums simultaneously. So, I decided to take photos of them because what I was seeing in Helsinki was plenty of construction work going on. I did actually very interesting and beautiful photos but I do agree the idea wasn’t the most obvious haha!



5. The best ideas come into my mind when everyone else is sleeping


It’s been always been like this. All the master ideas happen when I am supposed to be sleeping. It can be ideas for new posts, school essays or better work reports. I can be productive the whole day but the best ideas happen late nights and early mornings. Can anyone relate?



6. I’ve been planning to buy a new Mac since they released those Touch Bar ones but I still don’t have one


And for the ones who don’t know, those were released like six months ago. But well, first I wanted to hear what others think and try them myself. Then I spent half a Mac worth of money on a new camera and well, the time just flew. But I promise to get a new one let’s say within a year haha!



7. When we get a poodle it has to be white or apricot colored


Now you ask why? Well, of course because those colors are not only cute but also the easiest to photograph and very instagrammable. And that’s, of course, important for every social media addict haha! But hey, they are all same size, health and price so why not to take the most adorable one? 🙂




– Shanika from Orchids and Sweet Tea

– Anna from Anna Susanne

– Marisha from Love, Marisha

– Annabelle from The Viva Luxury

– Tara from Where is Tara?

– Maikel from Maikel’s World


    1. Maybe I’ll do a video or before and after with my natural hair vs straight hair at some point if more readers really want to see my real hair. 🙂 It’s btw quite often that the ones with straight hair want curls and vice versa. My mom has straight hair and I’m having a huge hair envy to her (and she’d love to have my hair), haha! 🙂


  1. Hey congrats for the award! I’m not very familiar with it, I only know about liebster award. I’d always liked curly hair, hope I get to see what you mean when you say it’s not what we think it is. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The idea of this award is very similar with Liebster. 🙂 Curly hair sure can look beautiful but often those curls are not the natural curls. Sometimes I do curls for some festive occasions but I never go with the natural ones because you never know how good or bad they’ll look when you wake up. By doing curls with an iron you’ll know exactly what kind of curls you’ll get. 😉

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  2. Super initiative to do this! It’s always good to give credits to your contacts who are bloggers too. It’s a fun network and I like that we got to know each other. Keep up the hard work, your blog is showing a lot of passion from your side. To others, as well as your life in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Sabine! 🙂 I love getting these awards and sharing them to other bloggers. Content creating sure is fun but the best thing in blogging is to get all the comments from others and getting to know fellow bloggers.


  3. Congrats on the nomination! ❤ Lol at not wanting to photograph people, me too! Aside from patterns and textures being more appealing, people are hard to direct in general so it's harder to get pretty shots with them hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! That’s true! I get easily frustrated when people aren’t acting as I want in photos. It’s especially hard if there is many people. The tiles of the wall just stay nicely in place 😀


  4. Oh, so fun! Awards and posts like these always take my back to my early, early days of blogging, when it was like the precursor of social media. I rather miss that old style of blogging! I think as I started to make a business out of it, I slowed down. Now my Instagram is more of my personal diary, like me blog used to be ten years ago!

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    1. Aww! I wish one day I’ll be professional too. I hope I could still show some persona in my posts but obviously it’s already becoming less and less like a dairy. Sometimes it’s though nice to let people to know me and my life better. 🙂 Keep blogging Martine, your blog is amazing!

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  5. This is so much fun! I enjoy reading more about bloggers and getting to know them better with all the little quirky things you did not know 🙂 “When we get a poodle it has to be white or apricot colored”: so cute!

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