My Favorite Perfumes Series: #4 The Good Life

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Looking for a fragrance that’s very floral and luxurious? Something that every one of your friends doesn’t have or even know? Something that lasts a whole day? The Good Life is answers to all these questions.



The Good Life has very floral and sweet scent. I love how this one combines vanilla and rose with some fruits like orange and litchi. The scent is quite strong so don’t spray too much of this on your skin.

I love how this lasts for hours! I prefer this one for the nighttime but this could be used for the daytime too by some strong, powerful and elegant modern women.



What caught my eye when I bought this one was the golden package. The paperboard package is all gold with one area with 3D shiny black print which is supposed to look black square diamonds I assume. Full of style and super luxurious!

The bottle follows the similar style. Those 3D diamond shapes are continued at the bottom of the class bottle and they are also found from the neck of the bottle in metallic golden tone. The bottle is 2.6 oz (80ml) which is quite big and heavy but luckily this last so long that it’s not always necessary to carry the bottle around with you.




Price and Buying

This one cost me around $50 (45€) and can still be bought with similar price from . Didn’t found this one in European web stores but if you know where to buy this in Europe, please let me know in comments and I’ll add the information to this post!


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What kind of fragrances do you prefer? Have you ever tried this one?


  1. It is so difficult to describe a perfume in a blog! I mean, scents and perfumes can just be experienced and not be described. I still have a decent collection of Chanel perfumes that my brother-in-law had brought for me. Though not all the variants are good smelling, I still remember the Chanel body wash which was so amazing.

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    1. That’s true! When I started to do this series I realized the same. I can tell what I think about the perfume but it might be different when someone else is experiencing it. I have perfumes from very different brands because instead of only looking the logo I want something that feels own and smells nice. I have 1 Chanel too, it’s Coco Noir Chanel. Quite strong but nice scent. 🙂

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