How to Celebrate Your Birthday when You’re an Adult?

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Should you celebrate Birthdays when you’re busy with your job and other adult stuff? If yes, how should you do that?

Best Ways to Celebrate Adult B-Days

1. Mini Holiday

What would be better than a weekend under the sun, a nice shopping trip with besties or exploring a whole new country or city? Especially if your friends or relatives want to give you something it’s good to open a travel account and tell that they can participate to your B-Day holiday. 🙂 They don’t then have to stress about buying you something and you’ll get a bit nicer vacation.

2. Surprise Party

Obviously, you can not host this to yourself but maybe if you surprise your friends or family some year they’ll surprise you. We had a really fun double surprise party for my friends that are twins, we got both surprised! It was a whole lot of fun.




3. Invite some Relatives or Old Friends Over

It might sound boring to celebrate with family but actually when you all are busy birthdays are a good reason to gather and chat. I’m sure every mommy, daddy and grandma would love to come to celebrate your big day!

4. … Or Simply Have a Party!

This is what I did on my 22nd B-Day. I was living single in the US so all the relatives were gone and with student budgets traveling around that much might not always be possible so let’s go and have a party was our solution. Even if you’re not 22 anymore it can sometimes be superb to have a 90s theme disco or another kind of party with some friends.




My 24th B-Day

Last year we had a mini holiday to escape all the baking and inviting people over (don’t get me wrong, I love having people over but it’s still always stressful).


I turned 24 about a month ago. My fiancée has his birthday exactly a week after mine. So we decided that if we celebrate it’s going to be only one celebration for both at once.


We had some sparkling wine and cakes and invited some relatives over. We were not expecting anything but a nice chat but they happened to bring us some cute little gifts too.




Above: I got a cake cutter, salt mill, a little bag from a Guess and some flowers 🙂


We also had a separate celebration together when it was my actual birthday. I was working 14 hours that day so I was too tired to leave the home once I get there but we had some champagne, roses and time together though. 🙂



How do you celebrate your adult birthdays? Or do you celebrate at all?


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