My Favorite Perfumes Series: #5 Rich by Johan B.

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Looking for a valuably-priced but still luxurious scent for the spring season? Rich from Johan B. is a great option for you. Especially, if you love slightly sweet fruity scents. Also, the fact that this can be used both night and day makes this one a great choice – in addition to the fact that this lasts easily for hours.






Rich by Johan B. has some sweetness from flowers and berries in it, and also some citrus fruit. It’s a nice combination which can be used for both day and night time. The scent lasts for many hours so that you don’t have to add it very often.

I usually prefer only high-end brands like Gucci and Chanel because many low-end scents require adding in two hours or so. This one is one of the few low-ends I use. During this series, I’ll show you my top 5 scents I love and use the most. This one is number 5 but it’s only low-end on my list so it’s kind of a winner in its own series. 🙂






The bottle is quite big and heavy quad angular glass bottle. I love the golden details of it which make it look and feel more luxurious – and me richer. The glass package thus is a good match with the name.


Also, the paperboard package looks luxurious and rich. It’s a very simple combination of white, light yellow and gold. Usually, the most luxurious things are the simplest but well finished. There might not be many details but someone has paid a lot of attention to every little detail. That’s the luxury – that’s the package of this scent.




Price and Buying


I shopped my 2.8oz (about 85ml) one from an outlet in Wisconsin. However, I just figured that you can also order this one from Amazon. It seems to cost about $20 which is little less than what I had to pay when I bought this one. Anyhow, it’s  very valuably-prized compared to its quality!

I didn’t found any Internet stores in Europe selling this but please let me know in comments if you do. Thanks.




Have you ever tried this scent? Do you use only low-ends or high-ends or both?


  1. Too funny .. I was just shopping for a new perfume this afternoon. Wanting something light for spring .. and this might be it. I stopped into Sephora and I swear tried a small spray of everything the had. I bet I was a walking perfume cloud when I left! Thanks for the recommendation .. I’ll definitely keep my eyes out and if not there’s always Amazon

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    1. Excellent, I’m happy to help Alison! I have seen this in some perfume shops in big outlet malls in the US, only place from where I found this with quick googling was Amazon but it might be sold somewhere else too. 🙂


  2. I know I am not the one to talk to when it comes to buying low end and high end scents. You do make a good point about whether you have to reapply later. I just like wearing cologne that I feel like smells good on me.

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  3. Wow for a $20 perfume that bottle and description look (read) more expensive! I am going to pick this up next time I go perfume shopping!

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    1. Yes! I totally agree. I was actually shocked when I remembered how affordable this actually is. I though it was something like $50-100 like most of my scents but nope – it’s only $20 and still same quality with my 2-3 times more expensive one. This definitely is a good found!


  4. I’ve never heard of this before. I usually use high ends coz of the same reason as yours. But these photos and your description of it, this perfume looks high end to me.

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    1. Well yes, what’s comes to quality and style of this I’d say this is a high-end too but when I remembered the price I though that I have to call it low-end. Thanks for your comment Nellie! 🙂


  5. I am usually a high end perfume girl myself, though French pharmacists do make some of the best low cost perfume out there! Interesting read, hun.

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