Review: NYX Doll Eye Volume Mascara

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Earlier you have been able to read reviews of highlight and contour pro palette from NYX and some of NYX lipsticks here. This time you can read my experience of NYX Doll Eye Volume mascara.


I got this mascara for when I shopped those other NYX products couple months ago but I didn’t try it since today. This happened because I’ve been super busy and I’ve been relying on my good old Estee Laurel mascara.



Review of NYX Doll Eye Volume Mascara







The paperboard package is very simple and nice black and white. I kind of like the design even though they might not have used much money on that. Maybe it’s better if they have spent it on the product itself I thought.


The plastic package inside looks and feels very cheap. I know NYX is a drugstore brand and the price of this one is under $10 so, I forgive this. However, if you want something instagrammably beautiful this isn’t for you!




Texture & Applying


Okay, the first layer goes to my lashes nicely and naturally. Feels almost like my Estee Laurel. However, when I tried to add more coat it started to cluster and look extremely cheap. There was no other choice than removing the mascara. It was very easy to remove this with waterproof makeup remover.


This applies nicely only if you’re okay with one layer. This one doesn’t look too natural but just fine. If you just want to add some black color and minimally add the volume this might be yours. And remember, don’t try to do second coating!




How does it look?


This one promises “irresistibly fluttery eyelashes” (a site from My experience wasn’t quite that. My lashes did get some extra length looked slightly more fluttery but the difference was minimal.


It’s almost impossible to see the change in my lashes because they are so dark and long. If you have lighter lash color this might have more affect on your lashes.


This one lasts actually quite well on eyelashes as long as you remember not to scrub them. Okay for everyday looks, but if you’re going to party hard all night this one might not survive through that.






NYX Doll Eye Volume Mascara is very valuably-priced mascara for those who want to add just a little touch of black color and some Volume to their lashes.


If you’re looking for more dramatic end result this one isn’t for you. In future, I’ll keep using my old favorite but if it would run out I could use this for everyday makeup for a day or two.



What’s your favorite mascara? What is important for you when choosing one?



  1. I like NYX lipsticks, but there other products are usually pretty bad for me.

    I have to have a dramatic mascara. I want it to be really black, voluminous, and lengthening.

    My favorite is Benefit, They’re Real. 🙂

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  2. I remember trying this mascara and being quite fond of it, but right now I’m just sticking to my Diorshow – I love anything with good volume which doesn’t clump up one’s lashes. Enjoyed this post ❤

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  3. I like Nyx products but never tried any mascara. After what i read, i think it won’t be a good much for me but it looks so good on you!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Helen! 🙂 One thing I love when reading blogs is of course finding the best options what comes to anything from cosmetics to travel destinations. However it’s also good to find the things that doesn’t work and save the money, right? 🙂

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  4. My super fair lashes need a few coats, so this wouldn’t suit me. I also prefer a bristle brush to silicon, I feel like I can’t get right to the base of my lashes otherwise.


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