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As always I’ve been busy with all the work, studies, blogging and other things in my life. This month I’ve though achieved plenty of things and been able to do a lot of things and meet people couple times a week. All days and nights have basically booked during last 30 days and I’ve loved it. In this post I’ll share a bit how my March has been. πŸ™‚



Eating even more healthy has been my theme for march. I’ve fallen in love with cooking real food. I’ve given up sodas, processed foods (not that I’ve ever eaten a lot of them but still) and drinking a lot of water. Drinking water is a lot easier when you have a bit of lemon or lime and hint of natural sea salt in it.

FullSizeRender 2

Smoothies after smoothies. I think I’ve done over 200 smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes for my book already. Yeah!



Meeting friends and family a lot. I think about every weekend during march I’ve had at least one thing with friends or family. Like eating out or cooking together. We also spent one weekend in Nuuksio national park area hotel with my fiancΓ©es family.


Having a whole lot of energy because of sunlight and all spring flowers. I’ve been doing quite crazy weeks even for myself lately. I’ve worked 40-60 hours every week, additionally I’ve been more active in area of some and blogging than ever. I’ve also eaten healthy and exercised a lot. So happy!


Learning new skills. I gave up medicine so now I can focus on other things I love. Projects of this month have been photography with my new EOS 6D Β and learning Lightroom. I’ve been playing with Photoshop for 15 years now but isn’t it crazy that I’ve tried Lightroom for the first time couple months ago. It makes editing multiple photos tremendously easier!


I’ve fallen in love with doing more beauty related stuff to this blog. Additionally I’ve fallen in love with my ombrΓ© hair – I can have it on pony tail and look like dark brunette but when I open it I’m super bright blonde again. How cool is that? πŸ™‚


How has your March / spring been?


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  2. I love this idea for a post. I’m a visual person so love seeing all the photos. Looks like you have been busy, loving the look of that fragrance and makeup (plus those smoothie/fruit bowls look delicious)

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  3. This is a great post. Your pictures are really nice and the smoothies looks fantastic! The salad too! Looks so good! I should start cooking more elaborate stuff. I am giving up on processed food and sweets too and going back to healthy food. March looks like it was super busy for you. Mine wasn’t. Although I just left Scotland and moved to Manchester and starting a new job on Monday! Exciting! xx Corinne

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  4. Yay for cooking your own meals! That is something I’m struggling with and I know it’s a more healthier option. I love smoothies and yours looks delicious! 😊 Great photos! Thanks for sharing! 😊

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  5. Hey, even I have cut down a lot of things from my diet like all the processed food, tea, and caffeine. Yes, drinking lemon water early in an empty stomach is the best. All the pictures of food are soooo tempting. Love them! And lastly, your ombre hair suits real good on you! You look very pretty! XoXo

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  6. First things first, Lightroom is a life saviour! Especially during our dark Winters haha πŸ˜€
    Secondly, I think I just got inspired by your salad – because I’ve been so bad with my eating habits lately! With baby and all, I’ve been so lazy to cook anything so it’s easier to order takeaway or go to Hesburger next door haha πŸ˜€ I need to get on top of the things again, for my own sake.

    ~ Jasmin N

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    1. Superb to hear that my salad inspires you! Motivating you guys keeps me blogging. πŸ˜ƒ Eating healthy is of course good for you but in future it will also be a good example for your little one! ❀️


  7. You are having a great March so far! I like your photos so much, i can’t wait to have my own camera so that i can take gorgeous pictures too. I wish you have a joyful Spring Nora!

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  8. wooowwww! i your food pictures! ❀ made me hungry! hahaha! I can relate to "studies and blogging" too. its so hard to do the two together. huhu! i wish vacation comes as soon as posisble.


  9. Hey I’m really interested to know more about what you think about Lightroom and how it makes your work easier?! Maybe a next post? πŸ˜‰ xo

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  10. Some of those food photos have made me so hungry, ha! My March has been focused mostly on hanging out with my family, an occasional friend visit, but mostly family. I’m enjoying it!


  11. All that food looks delicious! I gave up sugar this month and it’s been such an empowering thing! Sounds like you’re being very intentional about your life right now and I find that so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


  12. You’re doing so well! Um wow did you cook some of those dishes? They look so delicious! Also, I love the photos. I am in the market for a camera and am doing research. I can see the difference in the picture quality, congratulations!

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    1. Oh thank you! Yes, I’ve cooked all the food and smoothies of this post except those beefs we made together with my friends. πŸ™‚ All of those photos are taken either with my iPhone or my Canon EOS 6D camera.


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