Spring and Summer 2017 Fashion Trends from Catwalks

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Have you already shopped your closet ready for spring and summer 2017? Are you still wondering what’s in this season? Keep reading and learn more what the high-end fashion brands have shown in catwalks for spring / summer 2017. For demonstration I’ve also put together some collages for you with Polyvore.






Colors & Textures


Gucci’s spring fashion show had a lot of combinations of white + colors. Colors they combined to white were mostly pink, green, red and yellow. In addition to combinations with white there was also some radical color + texture combinations, like red and green together or yellow and purple together.




Outfit had a lot of details – prints, shine, ruffles, and statement sleeves… Moreover there were plenty of accessories such as big sunglasses, glasses and hats. The style in general was quite exotic and mysterious; I was sensing some vibes from traditional Asian and Arabic styles. What comes to shoes there was either classy high heels with thin heel and sole or heels with thick soles.


Hair & Makeup


One interesting thing was models’ hairstyles and makeups. No more fake eyelashes and Hollywood curls. Women had mostly long hair, either straight, on renaissance styled curls or thick fluffy hair. More natural hair and makeup seems to be the thing this season.






Louis Vuitton




Colors & Textures


Gold and shiny colors are the thing. There was plenty of gold in Louis Vuittoin’s spring & summer 2017 show. Other colors shown were grey, black, yellow, and some green & pink/red combos. Most outfits were combining black or grey with colors and metallic details.


There was a lot of interesting statement shapes and lines. What comes to prints the clothes were quite simple; either unicolor or with some dots or stripes. However there were some statement prints shown.





No or minimal jewelry seems to be the thing. The outfits are super detailed and interesting shaped so no jewelry is needed. The boots of this show were very interesting, there was plenty of bicolored boots with chunky heels – these were mostly black with some color or metallic color. There was some more classy high heels too. Also, a lot of lace dresses and even pants were shown.



Hair & Makeup


Natural hairstyles, hair open.





Christian Dior (Haute Couture)




Colors & Textures


Theme of this show was nature, hobbits and mysterious forest. The colors were very nature inspired: black, white, beige, green, coral, etc. Models were also wearing flowers, hay, feathers and other nature inspired details.


Some of the looks were all black, all white or all beige. What comes to textures there was some transparent fabric, some ruffles and a lot of nature inspired prints.





Nature, nature, nature. Butterfly, insect and bat inspired facepieces. Feathers on hair, flower necklaces. And don’t forget this season’s trend of statement sleeves with ruffles – they were shown in Dior’s Haute Couture as well.


There was also some bling that came from silver details in dresses, rosegold jewelry and gold. Metal colors are in and give nice contrast to otherwise nature inspired natural looks with mostly neutral colors.



Hair & Makeup


Long or really short hair. The models had hair open, mostly on natural looking curls. Makeup was simple and quite natural.










Colors & Textures


White & pastel green, rose and beige (with some black) are the colors of Chanel this spring. There was plenty of colors on the runway but not very bright ones. Chanel showed mostly very classy business kind lines with metal twist and then more shiny nighttime looks. One interesting thing in Chanel’s show was combining different textures.





Metallic details, especially shoes and thick belts are so Chanel this season. You can also use some shiny shirts as details. Another must have for a Chanel fan is pearl ankle bracelet. Those were on the left ankle of every model wearing high heels (looks stunning, watch the show to see those yourself!)


Hats and ruffles were also seen on the runway. And of course statement prints and sleeves. Those are musts this season – basically every brands has those! About every model was wearing heels but some had boots in black or white color with a lot of shine.



Hair & Makeup


Natural makeups, focus on eyebrows and lips not on eyelashes.





Stella McCartney




Colors & Textures


Beige and white with some blue, brown and light blue are the colors for Stella McCartney this season. Those are combined with some big, nature inspired statement prints. There was more loose fits than earlier.





Highlight colors for the season are dark red, blue and pink. Shoes were mostly with about 1” heels but some high heels were shown too. Shoes and belts were made of shiny materials, like in Chanel’s show. Models did not wear any jewelry but the outfits were made interesting by using asymmetric lines.



Hair & Makeup


Hair open, combed behind ears. Mostly straitened hair, but also natural curls and afro style curls were show.






Colors & Textures


White is definitely the thing for this season Dior show. So are unicolor outfits and nature inspired statement prints. There were also some outfits combining black & white. Dark red, dark brown and shiny, metallic colors seem to be in too.


There was a lot of play with textures. There was tulle skirts, lace, different canvases, shiny leather, etc.





Minimal jewelry: only small simple black chokers and some earrings. There were sneakers, heels, boots and ballerinas, all with pointy toe. Dark red heels, shiny shoe materials. Either long sleeves or tops with spaghetti sleeves. Additionally there were some sunglasses in the show.


Some metallic, shiny details like silver boots and some shine at dresses and bags. This season, the shine and the prints are the thing – not accessories.



Hair & Makeup


Natural makeup. A lot of buns.








Colors & Textures


In Versace’s show the scenery was very dark. And so were the outfits! There was a lot of black + color combinations shown. The colors used were purple, green, yellow, red and light blue (and some navy blue, lilac and pink).


There was a lot asymmetry seen in both clothes and accessories. There was also some check prints shown.





Gold and metallic details in general were the thing. There was some sunglasses, statement earrings on one (right) ear, and little golden rings and chokers shown but otherwise the jewelry was quite minimal.



Hair & Makeup


Makeup looks were quite natural. However there was a little bit of glamour added by using some metallic shades. Hair of most models were straight.





What is in Spring / Summer 2017?


After analyzing all these shows I have found some similarities and some differences. Things that are definitely in (and must have!) right now:


  1. Unicolor outfits


  1. Nature inspired statement prints


  1. Statement sleeves


  1. Combining different textures


  1. Asymmetric pieces


  1. Boots (especially with some shine!)


  1. Metallic / shiny statement pieces


  1. Minimal jewelry but some statement jewels


  1. Nature inspired makeup looks – no more fake lashes or dark lipsticks!


  1. Natural looking hairstyles: natural curls and buns

Is your wardrobe ready for the summer? What is in your must have list? 



  1. I’m not one to follow trends but I think it won’t hurt to throw in a few pieces that’s “in” right now. I’ve always loved wearing minimal jewelry (so yay!) and going natural, nude lippies and natural curls. I feel like I need to update one or two of my looks right now, lol. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always love minimal but some statement jewels! And always love to carry natural hair! Great post, well done analyzing each trend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this breakdown (so hard to choose a favorite!). I’m finding serious Spring inspo from Stella McCartney and Dior…and I love the color palette of your “island getaway” collage. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clad to hear you enjoyed this post Beth! 🙂 I fell totally in love with the the cute shoes and ankle pearls shown in Chanel’s show. I have to find my own ones for summertime parties! In general I like the simplicity and prints of this season. The colors are nice too.


  4. I love the red/coral swimsuit at the beginning on your Island Getaway – do you know who makes it? The runways are always fun and Stella McCartney’s colours are right up my alley.


  5. Wow SO much good info! Thanks for sharing. I’m happy that natural is in..I’m getting tired of spending more than 10 minutes on my make up. Also buns – if you know how to do a good bun, you should do a post on it because I am challenged! But would love to know how to do one easily!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is such a brilliantly put together list. I loved how you’ve broken down and explained each look. White never goes out of fashion but it’ll be interesting to see (and wear) some asymmetrical prints and multicolours!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This is a very throrough analysis of the fashion trends. Thank you for sharing. I don’t it interesting that they kept to more real things and no fake eyelashes.


  8. Great post! It’s clear to see the fashion trends. With flowers galore on this years catwalk, you can almost hear the birds chirping alongside the models. You can’t go wrong with floral this season.

    Liked by 1 person

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