NYX Haul: NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette on Review

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After reading plenty of excellent experiences of this one from NYX I felt that this one is a must try and must review. If you’re looking for a good, valuably priced highlight and contour keep reading!



This one has four different shades for highlighting and also four different options for contouring. There’s a good amount of every tone so you will not run out any of them too fast. There’s something for every skin tone which is perfect.

You might think that you don’t need all those but actually it’s very handy to also use them as your eyeshadows. Additionally when you’re tanned you might need a little bit different tone so this one is also a good solution for that.

I fell in love with this from the first try and I’ve actually already published an everyday makeup routine using this palette. Check that routine with video here. 🙂




There are four different tones for highlighting. One of them is very shining and has some kind of shimmer in it. Other three are a little less shiny but they are still light and good for highlighting.

The lightest tones are not very pigmented but they fade easily which is nice. Other two are very pigmented and they have very good coverage. Those are too dark for highlighting for me however I like to use them as eyeshadows. These sure work well with darker skin tones, and I could also use them when I’m more tanned.



I like the contour part of this pallet that has four different shades and they’re all very pigmented and beautiful. I love using them for contour and also as eyeshadows. They are not the easiest to blend but compared to the prize this is a really good product though.

Since I got this pallet I’m using it every day for my every day makeup so I think that also tells you something about how much I like this product and how happy I am that I bought it. Recommended this one if you want a valuable highlight and contour palette.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the review and please leave me feedback if you want to know more about this or if there is something else you’d like me to review here! 🙂


  1. Loved your review on this. I haven’t tried much from NYX but everything I have tried so far has been really nice. Will add this to the wishlist, hoping I can find it here in NZ.

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  2. Gorgeous colors! I have about 4-5 neutral eyeshadow palettes. Aren’t they perfect to wear everyday!!! I haven’t bought an NYX palette yet and this looks like a perfect one to begin with!

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    1. NYX has some good eyeshadow palettes too but since I got this I’ve been only using this because you can do both the face and the eyes with this. So yes, it’s very good option to begin with!


  3. I love NYX! I have 3 of their Butter lippies and one eye shadow palette. I think I can use some of the contour kit you got there. I think I’ll be able to make my way around the blending trouble. Thanks for this review.

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  4. I got to try lipsticks from NYX before but unfortunately I picked a wrong color. It didn’t look pretty on my face. I’ve seen new products from them, specifically the Nyx Lingerie and I’ve been wanting to get a few Nyx products again. The highlighters seem okay while the contours looks promising.


    1. The contours are definitely better than the highlighters of this one. The darker highlighters are good as eyeshadows though. I’ve got couple their lip products, not my favorites but okay.


  5. With NYX, I’ve only tried their lippies. I got a nude shade and a dark one. I both love them although they don’t last that long on my lips. Though I haven’t tried contouring or using highlighters but I think this will be a good guide for me in the future! 🙂


  6. I was thinking about buying a palette like this one the other day. I didn’t buy it simply because I didn’t know which one to buy. After reading your post, I will look for this one, since I like the shades on the pictures. Also, this palette is ideal for an everyday natural look, and that’s exactly what I need at work. Thank you for this review!

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  7. I was hoping I’d see a photo of you in the end to show how it looks. I personally don’t do contouring, simply because I don’t have the patience. But I did try it once or twice just to apply the things that I learned from beauty vloggers haha…


    1. I usually wear very simple makeup but I also love watching tutorial and doing my own! I’m already planning doing some nice looks for special occasions like Halloween and posting them here! 🙂


  8. Looks like a really good product! I personally wouldn’t know what to do with all the other shades cos I hardly change color haha and I don’t know how to use a eyeshadow, but if you’re a makeup artist who deals with varied skin tones, this would be a perfect staple for your stash! 😀


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