The Winners of Grand New Beginning Giveaway

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Today is the day to share all the amazing prices of The Grand New Beginning Giveaway! I’m so excited! 🙂 The giveaway opened to celebrate this blog’s and it’s socials complete makeover. I hope you have enjoyed the new look of this blog and it’s Facebook Page.


But now to the winners! I’ll contact all the winners directly today but if you see your name below make sure you also check your email’s spam filter just in case. If you cannot see my mail within 24 hours but you’re name is below, please email me! If there is no answer I’ll choose new winners after 7 days from now.



The Third Prize 




This person will get a super cute notebook with 10 Stabilo Point Pens and a Quest Bar.


And the winner is: Selina from I am Dovetail



The Second Prize




This person will get a super practical notebook, 10 Stabilo Point Pens and two Quest Bars.


And the winner is: Irmeli



The First Prize 




This person will get a blog planner called Epic Blog, 10 Stabilo Point Pens and three Quest Bars.


And the winner is: Kessa from Little Miss Kessa






What kind of theme giveaway would you like to see next?


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