Extreme Makeover Schedule

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This blog has looked similar for three years now. During next nine days it’s time to introduce something brand new, gorgeous and exciting to you guys! The whole social of Dreamer Achiever will go through an extreme makeover.


It will become more easily recognizable, more modern and easier to navigate. There will also (finally!) be a launch of new logo, a huge giveaway and plenty of posts about the changes and tips how you can do your own extreme makeover to your blog and social. Enjoy!





1st March:

  • POST: Extreme Makeover Schedule
  • POST: New Look of Blog’s Facebook Page & Blog’s New Logo
  • CHANGE: New Facebook page
  • CHANGE: New About -page and New Contact –page


2nd March:

  • POST: New Look of the Blog / Dreamerachiever.com
  • CHANGE: Theme, fonts, sidebar… it’s (almost) entirely going to change
  • CHANGE: New Gravatar


3rd March:

  • POST: The Grand New Beginning Giveaway
  • CHANGE: Minor Changes in My Instagram


4th March:

  • POST: Brand Board: An Excellent Tool for Site or Blog planning


5th March:

  • POST: EOS 6D: New Camera for the New Blog


7th March:

  • POST: How a Bullet Journal Can Help You to Improve Your Life and Blog?


9th March:

  • POST: The Winners of Grand New Beginning Giveaway



After these nine days I’ll go back to my 3-5 posts per week with themes lifestyle, travel, style and wellness. I hope that you’re as excited as I am about this upcoming change! Feel free to leave feedback and ideas to the comment box.




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