5 Tips How to Improve Your Blog & February Wrap Up

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When you begin to see the sunrise before you leave to work / studies, it’s called February. The sun always gives a whole bunch of positive energy. Today I’ll share with you how you can use all that energy to improve your blog and social.

5 Tips How to Improve Your Blog and Social:

1.Bullet Journal

Bullet journal helps you to be more organized. It’s about having a plan for longer term and then slitting it into weekly or even daily goals. It’s very relaxing for your mind to write things down so that you don’t have to remember all of them. I’ve found this very motivating and helpful. Maybe you should try it too?

2. Social Media Makeover


Above you can see a little sneak peak of what is coming soon. I’m working on a complete makeover for my entire social (not only changing the colors haha! 🙂 ). The goal is to make this blog and all medias linked to it look more professional. This process will be run in next nine days. You’ll be seen a lot of changes and you can also read a bit of background and get tips to your blog and social.

3. Navigation in Blog

This blog had over 200 tags and 70 categories at the beginning of 2017. That’s insane. Did you guys ever find anything you wanted? Haha. Well, now the navigation should be so much easier! You should never have over 30 tags or categories if you want people to be able to handle them.

4. Networking

Networking is the key for success, especially in social media. That’s one big thing I finally fully understood. You should read a lot of blogs and interact, a lot! Like, comment and follow. Not just do a quick visit sometimes but actually interact and discus with others. Get to know them in person. That way you’ll have more committed audience and it’s so much easier to do collaborations too! 🙂

5. The Equipment

You have to have high quality content, both text and photos to make your blog really enjoyable for your readers. Check the post for typos and only publish clear and beautiful photos. You can do high quality photos with about any of today’s cameras. iPhones are also having really good cameras nowadays. I work with iPhone 6S Plus and Canon SLRs. Canon EOS 6D is my newest one.

February Wrap Up:

It’s been mostly very job and blog centered month for me. I have made 14 posts during this month (13+ this one).

Here are all my February’s posts (from the oldest to the newest):

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  1. These are really great tips 🙂

    I have been working on revamping my blog as well, and I think the hardest thing for me is sticking to a color palate! I love how streamlined everything looks when a blog really follows specific colors 🙂

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    1. I’ll be publishing some tips about how to make a moodboard that supports your social media outcomes. Moodboard is a tool that’ll help you to stick in colors, fonts, etc. Click subscribe (if you already haven’t) and you’ll get emails about my next posts! 🙂


  2. Starting a blog is easy. But once you get into it, only then do you realize that there is so much you could do to improve. And each component of making a blog successful comes with its own sets of tools, plans, actions, etc.

    For instance, photo is a part of blogging, so now you are talking about the camera, software to process the photos, and photography techniques. On Social Networks, each one works differently, so besides using the right dimensions for photos, you would also have a different audience and way of posting.

    But hey, do it one step at a time, and pretty soon, you will get there.

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    1. Yep, there is so much to learn and improve. No matter how long you’ve blogged your never perfect. The platforms change, photos turn into videos, etc.

      I think for good start a plan, an okay camera, some basic editing software and some knowledge of writing and using social media are musts. But those are just some of the things actual success will require.


  3. I totally agree with the journal. It’s better writing things down since your brain can’t really handle all the ideas and plans you have in mind. Networking yes, it’s equally important in all aspects not just with blogging, you wouldn’t know when you’ll need the help of certain people. Anyway, you’ve listed some great tips here, thanks for sharing and more power to your blog.

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  4. Those are really great tips and I have been looking for them! One of the main key is networking and being able to make you known, which is quite important since it’s crowded as blogosphere! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Thank you for sharing these tips. I almost got all of them except for “The Equipment.” I am using my Samsung Note 5. So far it produces quality photos but my sister kept telling me to buy a camera dedicated for this since I work online. She says nothing beats beautiful photos taken by DSLR. Oh well, I kept on thinking about it, maybe only when budget allows.

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    1. Most phones can do just fine. However if someone is reading your blog with an high quality device like iMac or so the photos might not be as clear as ones from DSLR. I actually use my iPhone sometimes but nothing can beat a good camera. 🙂 Maybe you should start saving for one or ask to get it as a Christmas or B-Day gift?


  6. I never really understood tagging and categories when I started blogging and a couple years into it so I have so much work left to do to organize my blog posts. I did have a redesign in the past but I decided to use a cleaner layout and design last year. I agree that networking will improve your blog as you get to see other people’s blogs and you get to compare. Cheers and all the best to your planned future changes.

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    1. Thanks for a nice reply! It sure is helpful to get to know others and yes, also comparing the blogs and finding the best practices makes you a better blogger. Happy Blogging and welcome to read more about the changes soon!


  7. I’m also thinking of revamping my blog but got no time as of the moment. I want something that would fit what I want. Also, someone who can make me a logo and badge. Plus, my DSLR was broken and I need to replace it. I am already thinking on what to get for the replacement of the broken one. I need a new camera so I can cover events and shoot wonderful photos.

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    1. Don’t worry if you don’t have time right now Theresa. Start listing your ideas about how you would like your social to look like, what kind of logo you want, etc. After writing thoughts down you can either hire someone to do the changes for you or do them yourself when you have more time to work with them. So far focus on creating excellent content and finding a new DSLR! xo Nora


  8. Nice and helpful tips you have here. I might apply two or three as well. Super thank you. I havent counted the post I made for February or any month in particular. Sometimes, I write two articles in a day when I am in the mood. Your habit of counting posts is a nice way to improve the blog as well. There would be consistency and also to alarm me if I am behind my post count.

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    1. I actually might write plenty of posts one week and none during another one. The key to keeping it consistent is a) planning what to publish and when and b) scheduling the posts. I hope this helps you! I’m also clad you enjoyed the post! 🙂


  9. Very concise and helpful points there. I think, taking some inspiration from you, I will also relook into the navigation of my blog!

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  10. These are great tips! I really want to get a new iPhone so I can take better pictures. I’m much more of a writer than a photographer, but everyone wants nice pictures on a blog. I agree that making connections with other bloggers is also very important.

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    1. It of course depends on your niche how much photos you need but at least 1 or 2 nice ones per post will sure make your blog easier to read. I’m clad you enjoyed the tips and I hope that you’ll soon get that iPhone! 🙂


  11. Been hearing a lot about bullet journal but I haven’t started one yet. Maybe this is the best time to start? Hehe. Branding and external links are very important to a blogger so I’m glad you’re making time to do it. 🙂 it’s kinda tricky sometimes though..

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    1. Yes, it’s always a good time to improve! 🙂 I’ll be hosting a giveaway with a bullet journal and self / social improvement theme soon so come back and check it out!

      And yes branding takes some time and getting linked by other requires not only some killer content but also a lot of networking. What comes to branding I’m clad that I can do this now excellently and then I don’t have to think about creating logos, etc. for a while. 🙂


  12. These are all brilliant tips. There are so many components of a blog that you need to improve constantly. You could also find a mentor in the blogging world so that you can ask a constructive feedback about your blog. I learned that it is very helpful if you have knowledge about HTML and CSS. I researched online about web development and there are a lot of free resources that you let you understand the basics.

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    1. Having a blogging mentor sounds super Iza! I would love to know basics about coding, maybe when I have my summer vacation I’ll take some time to research those resources. Thanks for your tips and welcome back! 🙂


  13. These are all great tips! Bullet journaling is something I have always enjoyed without even knowing there is actually a term for it. I use it to list down pending blog posts as well as pending home chores. I agree that it is a must that our social media pages to all look professional, as it is part of our blog’s first impression. I just had my theme re-designed late last year and I am planning to have a proper newsletter, as well as well-kept social media pages, this year.

    Cheers to achieving our blogging goals this year!

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    1. Oh wow, sounds great! I’ve planning to start doing a newsletter for years already. For me the issue is that I’m so busy that keeping that constant might be difficult. But it’s definitely one of the next steps I should take at some point. It sounds like your gonna have an excellent and successful 2017! 🙂


  14. Those are great tips! I haven’t tried listing all my blog topics yet. Most of the times, ideas will just pop inside my head. Then, I will write for drafts in my MS Word. I can see that you are really working hard for your blog. That is admirable. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I usually use either iPhones notes or MS Word for drafting and brainstorming my ideas. However I also like to do a lot of planning and blog scheduling to make sure I post regularly about all my topics (lifestyle, style, travel and wellness). 🙂


  15. Thank you so much for these helpful and great tips. 🙂 I have never heard of the bullet journal, and now I will gladly try it. I am also so happy for you that you’ve had a good February! You had a lot of awesome posts. Keep it up! 🙂

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    1. I sure will my goal is to do 20 posts during march. I’m also announcing a giveaway and all these big changes so it should be an excellent month! I hope you’ll enjoy bullet journaling Aica! 🙂


  16. Thank you so much for these helpful and great tips. 🙂 I have never heard of the bullet journal, and now I will gladly try it. I am also so happy for you that you’ve had a good February! You had a lot of awesome posts. Keep it up! 🙂

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  17. Great tips! Bullet journaling is become hype these days. Or, it’s just me? I see people trying it. I’m more of a calendar person but I may try studying that too. You’ve written a lot, really. I guess, you truly love writing. 🙂


    1. Yep, it’s a hype but it sure works so I don’t mind it being super trendy. 🙂 Haha, I’m not sure if that comment about me writing a lot was compliment or not but I do love writing. I’m working on a book project and I try to use most of my writing energy to it and keep my posts in readable length. I’m clad you liked the tips – it was a long post but at least it was useful! 🙂

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  18. I agree with the points you’ve enumerated. I do a bullet journal so I’m motivated to finish blog posts, reminded of what we need to finish, and also we can schedule well our posts. As for networking, we don’t go on within two weeks without going at an event. Finally, we really need to have good photos so I use either iPhone 7 or FujiFiilm AX-2 for photos.

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