New Skyr Flavors on Review

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What’s the very best of the new Skyr Flavors? That’s a question I’ll offer an answer today.

Skyr an Icelandic brand which makes dairy products that is high in protein and low in fat. They have different flavors that are very nutritious and most of them also taste very good. I fall instantly in love with their products when they started selling to Finland. Today I’ll review some of the new flavors. Comment if you like this! I’d be happy to buy and review other flavors too if you guys are interested! 🙂

If you want live healthy these products can a great snack for you! I’m training hard at gym and that’s why I want to eat some high protein snacks. These are lifesavers especially if you’re having a busy day but you still want something good that’s not killing your diet. If you want more carbs to your snack just add some berries or fruit!


1. Blueberry Pie (mustikkapiirakka)
– includes real blueberries
– tastes actually like a sweet blueberry pie
– cute pinkish lila color


2. Peach (Persikka)
– includes real yummy peaches
– some lemon in taste, quite close to real peach in taste though


3. Cookies ‘n Cream
– looks like cookie dough!
– funny texture – like cookie dough mixed with creek yoghurt
– I can find cookie taste when I know what to look for but the taste isn’t very strong
– doesn’t taste artificial


4. Honey & Vanilla (Hunaja-vanilja)
– dots from real vanilla
– strong honey taste, taste is quite artificial
– soft and nice texture


5. Crème Brûlée
– looks and smells like creme brulee
– soft but artificial taste
– good soft texture
– I’m missing the crunchy surface of actual brulee


6. Coconut (Kookos)
– tastes like Malibu (Coconut Rum)
– strong, artificial taste
– soft texture

Have you tried any Skyr-products? Which one is your favorite? 

Ps. This post is not sponsored, I shopped these all myself. 🙂


  1. Among the flavors you have featured here, I am interested in the blueberry pie one. I have read the rest, it someone what I am tasting it by how you describe each. Nice review you have got here. Oh, the peach too. Most probably, the variants for this brand, those that offer real tasting are those that come in real fruits, I guess.


  2. This looks very nice I am big fan of dairy products!
    I think I even saw that they sell this product in one of markets here in Switzerland so I will try it. 😀
    Thanks for sharing this review 🙂

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