Dubai Inspired Spring Outfit

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I got inspiration for this outfit by thinking of luxurious style of super rich arabic styled Dubai. I haven’t yet visited it but I’ve heard that there everything is even bigger and more expensive than in the US. Style of the women there is mixture of culture with muslim roots and Western ideologies that have become more prominent in international city of Dubai.

This outfit is my vision of modern woman living in Dubai. The outfit has plenty of light colors because it’s quite hot in Emirates. It is build with luxuriously branded items like Mulberry keyring and Rolex watch to symbolize all the luxury they’re surrounded with (I wish I could live in somewhere warm and luxurious haha). Also gold and diamonds symbolize wealth, on the other hand those are very popular in jewelry in many muslim cultures so I think they fit excellently with the theme of this look.

I used quite Western clothes and brands. However I made an outfit that covers shoulders and ankles to honor the old traditions and religion. This outfit is definitely something I could wear when traveling to United Arab Emirates.

You can shop this outfit here.

How I did in making Dubai inspired outfit? Would you wear this if visiting Dubai?


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