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This outfit if made of very classy and beautiful items (of which I could take all!) I love white jeans and these from Polo Ralph Lauren are very nice and basic ones. That Burberry’s jacket has been in my I-will-by-it-one-day list for like five years, it’s classy, simple, it lasts time – and looks gorgeous on me. Also the Burberry’s scarf in that classy color combination is a must have.

Givenchy’s tote bag carries on with time-lasting beige tone and very classical design. Pure love. This is one of the items with which you can never go wrong. When I found those perfectly matching gloves they screamed to be added into this collage, so there they are. I also added matching sunglasses and brown suede booties which are both classy and uniquely detailed. I love peep toes and those buttons are funny but still stylish.

In case you want to shop this outfit, click here.

Which one of those items is your favorite? Are some of these in your shopping list?


  1. Burberry mac is a lovely and forever classic piece. I really like the soft tones of the outfit, nicely put together. I would probably add something a little edgy for my personal style.
    I’m also from Finland! So nice to find your blog Nora! xx K

  2. the choices aren’t something I’d go for myself colourwise, if they were in black or grey I’d wear the coat and shoes, have to say though I do really like those sunglasses 🙂

  3. Gorgeous look for an outfit and it is so classy. I have to admit, I actually love that handbag. I have never even considered buying a pink handbag but this one is just so elegant. Thanks for sharing

  4. Those boots are to die for! I think my eyes kept drifting to them more than anything in the collection. Don’t get me wrong, the outfit was well scripted, but I’m sucker for a nice pair of boots.

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