Power of the Makeup / Winter 2016-2017 Look

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How much makeup can change your outcome? Can it make an ugly person a beauty queen or make your skin look perfect? Can you make yourself hotter / younger / remarkably more beautiful with makeup?

Well I wanted to try. I took my before pictures last weekend when I was staying home sick – my face was quite white compared how it usually looks, I look tired (even thought I had slept 45 hours during past 3 days) and my hair wasn’t giving it’s best either.

With makeup I wanted to make myself look a) healthy and b) ready to winter night out. I wasn’t going anywhere but it was nice see how much makeup can do.

Okay, no more talking, let the photos talk! Before and after from front and side:


To create my look I used:
– Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse #10
– The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream #2
– The Body Shop loose powder
– NYX Matte Powder Bronzer #31
– NYX Natural Eyeshadow palette
– Eyeshadow palette (I made my eyeliners with black tone from this)
– Black Brow Pen
– Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
– Louboutin Rococotte Lipstick

I think the makeup did very remarkable change to my outcome. My skin looked better and in general I looked healthier, and had just a bit of glam in my look. My eyes looked bigger because the mascara and the shape of my face looked totally different because of contouring. I think this look is quite heavy for everyday use but if I would have to go out that day I could have imagined myself going with this makeup. However I would have done something more to my hair to Finnish the look.

Here are some more pictures:




What do you think about this look? Hot or not?


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