Food & Wine Expo and What’s up Update from Weekend

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Another weekend full of cool stuff! This weekend started on Saturday with home made smoothies for breakfast. At the afternoon we went to Food & Wine Expo here in Helsinki. It’s a yearly expo which takes place to Messukeskus. There are plenty of restaurants, food and wine producers and enthusiasts reviewing their products and letting people taste them. It’s always funny possibility to learn, network and find something to bring back home!


Above: Pulled Oats
Above: Korean Food, Daegi Bulgogi + Coconut Rice + Ginger Chicken
This year we tasted different wines, tried pulled oats (new trendy food in Finland, made of oats, tastes like meat and is actually quite good), ate some Korean food, fell in love with smoked cheese and found some Christmas present ideas and new favorite champagne.
We also had reserved seats from Wine Tasting of German Whites. It was very fun and interesting way to get to know some new wines and compare them. And in my opinion 12.5€ (around $14) isn’t too much for a tasting that includes seven different wines and some chocolate. This tasting wasn’t in the best environment because expos are quite noisy and full of people. However the sommelier Marc Pohl and the wines were great!
We wanted to have kind of a mini holiday so we went to check out Glo Art Hotel, one of famous Kämp Collection Hotels in Helsinki. The hotel is located in downtown and it has around 4/5 stars in many websites.
The hotel was very good and service was excellent. Their breakfast was also a wonderful experience. 4/5 stars is definitely correct grade for this hotel.
After being a while in the hotel we became hungry and tried a famous burger restaurant, Naughty Burger. We ate NYC Cheese Burger with double steaks and Naughty Burger with same combo, we also shared a coke and sweet potato fries. Their sweet potato fries were the best ones I’ve had in Finland. The burgers were also great and the restaurant has very unique, rustic rock’n’roll styled in decorations.
Our Sunday began with waking up and going to enjoy the breakfast of Glo. Then we just hangout in our room (read: checked our social haha). Around noon we went to have a brunch with relatives and just relax and chat. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Later on Sunday we did some studies and relaxed at home. It’s nice to have some lazy time as a contrast for otherwise busy week. This week I’m working 30 hours, reading for an exam I have on Monday, working on one writing project and of course blogging. I’m also planning to visit Kiasma, museum of modern art because every month they have free entries on the first Friday of the month.
Ps I’ll publish tasting notes from Saturday and Glo Art Review soon, stay tuned!

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