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Hello all my lovelies! I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating this blog so much during last couple weeks. My fall and winter is and will be quite filled with all kinds of activities and things to do but I’m trying to keep blogging.
So I think you all are curious about what is making me busy… It’s basically all areas of life:

1) Work

As you might remember I got a new job at spring, then I told you it means more time for blogging, remember? (If not click here for the older post) I’m working in a position in which the busiest time is fall and winter – so even thought I have less hours my work is quite intense at the moment. Interesting but very responsible.

2) Studies

As you might have read from my about (here), I’m a medicine major and business minor. Those two areas require quite a lot of time in general. However this year I’m not studying that many courses because I’m trying to change university – and that has to be done via entrance exam so I’m already studying hard for that even thought the exam is at May. At the moment my campus is 300 miles (500km) from my home and I’m tired with all that traveling! So wish me luck to the exam!

3) Wedding Planning

We have just booked the some things and decided the date. It’s in less than two years from now so the planning will for sure keep me busy. I’ll write some wedding related material in some point. If you haven’t yet read about our engagement party you can start with that while waiting the wedding material. 😉

4) Friends, Family and Relatives

And lastly irrespective of the fact that about 6/7 days of my week includes studies and/or work I still want to spend time with my friends and relatives. That’s one reason why I had to limit my online time – by doing that I can spend more time with people in real life. Lately we were in one big walking event with my mother and spouse, I was in a friend’s housewarming party and at the moment we’re taking care of my brother’s hairless terrier (which might be the cutest creature ever, or at least in top ten!) 

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