Wine Shelves from Ikea

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We got so much wine as an engagement gifts (and already had some before those) that we decided to buy some kind of storing solution for them. We browsed through half of the Internet – most of the wine shelves are either huge or super expensive or both. After couple hours of browsing I found something that fits our needs – Ikea wine shelves. They are made of wood, are so small that they fit in a closet and you can apply 1-3 pieces on top of each other if you want more storage – perfect! And the price was around 10€ (12$) each.


Space we had was a part of our closet. It’s in coldest part of  our apartment, had some space available and protects the wine from sunlight.


My boyfriend is putting together the pieces of our shelves – and it’s starting to look ready, yeah! 🙂 These shelves are btw from “Hutten” series of Ikea, in case your interested to get your own one(s).


Closet ❤ Hutten = Perfect match!


And the second piece fits in too, just the wine bottles are missing


In total this shelf has spots for 18 wine bottles. It’s better for slimmer red and white bottles than thicker ones. If you would fill this with sparkling, only 2 bottles would fit in row, which makes 12 in total. Luckily we have more reds & whites at the moment. 🙂


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