Our Engagement Party Day in Photos

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We got engaged 1st of July this year and had our engagement party 31s of July. Earlier I’ve shared you my outfit and the planning process but today I’ll share some photos of the Day. We had around 70 quests in total that arrived between 3-7pm. The party was in my boyfriend’s parents’ house. We did all the decorations, cakes, etc. ourselves.

To make people enjoy we had of course food and drinks but we also had made our own playlist that was played both indoors and outdoors. We also had a photo show about our year running in TV, it was around 200 photos in that one, but well, we’ve done a whole punch of things in 361 days  that we had been together before the proposal.

My boyfriends parents had all so set us a surprise that included a speech and a song about love. It was very sweet for them! Otherwise the party was having good time with all the friends and relatives, enjoying beautiful sunny weather and chatting.

Now to the photos:






Quests indoors



Quests outdoors


Gift table / room


When everyone had left we finally remembered that someone should take a photo of us too. 😀

Ps. All the photos without my copyright sign are taken by my boyfriends dad, thank you!


  1. I just came across your blog from you liking my post (thanks by the way!) and I love the purpose of your blog! I think it is great and inspiring! THANKYOU! Ellie x

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