Our Engagement Party Planning Process from Proposal to the Day

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1.7.2016 we got engaged in Portugal in very romantic way (read more about the proposal here). It was a surprise for me so no planning was done before this!

3-6.7. Picking up some ideas to boards in Pinterest (click here to see my Pinterest boards)

6-8.7. Searching for options (when, where, how many people, etc.)

8.7. Decision to invite around 50-90 people and have the party in my boyfriend’s parents house and deciding the date and time


8.-10.7. Buying most of the crafting materials

9-11.7. Inviting people (via email, text messages and Facebook messenger)

17.7. Planning meeting about decorations and foods with boyfriend’s parents (me and his mother will do all the baking and we’ll do the decorations with her and some other relatives)

18.-22.7. Crafting about everyday + buying candies for thank you boxes


21.7. Buying baking ware (cake and cupcake pans, sprinkles, colors, etc)

23.7. Ordering alcohol and buying non-alcoholic drinks

25.7. He did a power point of our year, I did a 4-hour playlist to Apple Music for the party

26.7. Sharing tue playlist to him (music to indoors came via my Mac and to outdoors via his iPhone)


28.7. Hairdresser for me and barber for him

28.7. Buying ingredients for bakings and cheese for the cheese plate, picking up ordered beverages


– finishing last crafting (name tags for foods & cheese, menus)
– baking and filling the cakes


30.7. Morning
– cleaning our apartment from all the crafting and baking
– dropping drinks, decorations, thank you -boxes etc to the house of his parents
– decorating the house (inside) with help of my mom my, my boyfriend and his family
+ my boyfriend’s mother picked up flowers for us


30.7. Night
– baking cupcakes
– doing cake and cupcake decoration stuff ready (rose plates to the cakes and hearts on cupcakes)


– picking up ice from a grocery store for drinks
– adding some more decorations
– decorating outdoors
– decorating cakes and cupcakes (I did cakes, cupcakes and cheese plate and my boyfriends mom did the rest)
– doing the cheese plate
– getting myself ready (outfit + makeup)
– putting sparkling wines and soft drinks to ice

… Separate post and more info about the day coming soon! In this post I wanted to cover the planning and everything that happened before to quests came. I hope you guys found this helpful!

I’m also planning to post our budget and how much this party actually cost, are you guys interested in that kind of post?

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